How To Get Your Own Satellite Into Space!

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For $200 you can get your very own satellite and receive radio signals from space with a message that you have chosen yourself.
Send up your own satellite into space!

Get your very own sattelite

The PhD student Zac Manchester at Cornell University in the United States to open space for people that want to do their own experiments.

He now offers to send out your own small satellite in orbit around the Earth that sends a free of choice code to the earth.

The satellite, which is only slightly larger than a postage stamp consists of a circuit board tipped with a bit of electronics, photovoltaics, and a radio transmitter.

A swarm of hundreds of these satellites, which has been renamed to The Sprite Spacecraft, should be packed in a box, called Cubes, which is scheduled to be launched into space at the beginning of 2013.

They will be packaged like this

The hope is that it can free ride with a rocket from NASA offering free launches of some types of space experiments. Otherwise investing Zac Manchester to buy space in a commercial rocket.

To finance the project collects Zac Manchester money online. 30,000 dollars is what is needed.

Anyone who donates $ 300 will have its own named satellite and can choose the code that the satellite sends out. But it’s not about long messages. The four characters that are offered Suggested own initials or a short word.

For $ 1,000 you get a complete development package including a fully functional Sprite for those who want to program their satellite.

The signals from the satellites to be received on Earth where the web should be able to follow their tracks.

If all goes well, Zac Manchester and his colleagues at the Aerospace Engineering at Cornell University build more advanced satellites can be equipped with different types of sensors and cameras. This opens space really for individuals, schools and small businesses that want to do their own experiments or collect data.