Dead Island Review

Dead Island

Dead island review gadgetzz

My opinion? Its an awesome game, and the graphics are pretty decent too. It’s a tropical left 4 dead with an actually exiting story line. L4D is only fun for multiplayer survival nowadays. Dead island however is great campain wise. I havent got to try the multiplayer just yet, but that too seems awesome. I like especially how you can build weapons so to speak. Great game, 8/10.



Metro Game Central review

Nothing like the game implied by the trailer and an only occasionally interesting, and obviously low budget, attempt to marry Dead Rising with Fallout.


Gamereactor Sweden review

There’s a lot to do on this zombie-infested island from hell. With some more varied missions and better melee combat, the final score would have been shimmering.


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Destructoid review

It’s inspired, but turgid. Brilliant, but flawed. Fun, but infuriating. Like the living dead itself, Dead Island is a contradiction from beginning to end. However, I feel you need to play it, because despite copying so much from infinitely smoother games, there’s nothing quite like it on the market. That, itself, is yet another contradiction in the confused, conflicted, often completely beautiful mess that is Dead Island.


Joystiq review

Probably the most realistic recreation of the inevitable and oncoming zombie apocalypse in video game history. It’s typified by desperation, sacrifice, frustration, terror and the overbearing sense of hopelessness. But there’s a catch. Though the zombie apocalypse may occasionally be grimly satisfying or fleetingly triumphant when you survive another night, there’s one thing it almost certainly won’t be…Fun.