Glowing golf ball, dosen't the LED break?


Like to golf, like nighttime? Then this is something for you. At first i thought it cant be very good considering it’s gonna be hit with a golf club the LED must break. But after looking at some information this thing is pretty darn cool.
Twilight Tracer is a regulation golf ball with an inner core that contains proprietary circuitry, a lithium battery, and two red LED lights that are programmed to flash at a rate of 7.2 flashes per second for a duration time of 5-6 minutes. The proprietary design is motion activated by either striking the ball with your club or dropping the ball from approximately 12 cm. You can follow the ball from the moment it leaves the club face to its final destination. The remaining layers are made from conventional materials. The final cover material is Surlyn which has been used by the golf industry for decades.

Facts Glowing Golf Ball:

* Official name: Twilight Tracer
* Package includes: A golf ball and bag and two pegs
* A ball is good for about a thousand kinds
* Complies with the rules of the USGA and R & A
* The official ball for night tournaments