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These are the new ipods, ill begin with the ipod touch. Its the same old design just now it has a weak version of the A4 and a camera. basically not that much new, the face time camera is the same as on the iphone 4.
Now over to the ipod nano, Its a touch screen cube…
It’s actually kinda cool, you go home with a swiping motion or by holding the center of the screen. Theres obviously no a4 here, but its still quite responsive. It has a watch app wich makes sense as it is the perfect size for straping on your wrists. there is no alarm function though because theres no speaker in it. However i am predicting that somewhere in the near future there will be a function that lets you answer calls and use the iphone 4 as base for stuff like alarm via bluetooth.
Then its the shuffle, nothing new, just a new “cuby” design. Im gonna be honest, i liked the old one better.
oh and the classic is the same old thing.
Also take alook at the new itunes logo…

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