Generating Electricity From Microbes

These days we can generate electricity from just about anything. All energy can be converted to electricity, and now, even the tiny bit of energy that is generated when viruses crawl. Quite amazing, and technologies like these will definitely be a big part of our future.

Imagine your phone charging itself just from the friction in your pocket. We can easily make this, so why don’t we?


Did You Know The ESA Plans To 3D Print a Moon Base

3d printed moon baseSo we can 3D print regular sized things, and really, really small things. What about huge things?
Soon enough. The European Space Agency plans to 3D print a whole building, and on the moon.

Certainly it will take some time, and they didnt announce a set date. But imagine what 3D printing technology can do for space workers. No more need to send a $8M rocket to replace a broken tool.

The Yeti Robot, Currently Inspecting The South Pole


At this time there are several people doing research on the South Pole. And so naturally they need a way to check for dangers, dangerous crevices in the ice for example. This is it, the simpler than you may think ‘Yeti’ robot.

“It’s simple and inexpensive, yet effective,” said Laura Ray, an engineer at Dartmouth College and Yeti project leader.

“On a $20,000 budget, designing from the ground up, undergraduates designed [and] fabricated a very reliable robot.”


illumiroom-game-640x358Sony has already demoed an early version of the PS4, and the WiiU has been on sale for some time. So what will Microsoft do for this generation of consoles?

Supposedly it will be called Xbox 720, but we will have to wait and see if that part is true. Microsoft has however demoed something that they kept hinting had to do with the next Xbox. Its called IllumiRoom.

So what is IllumiRoom?


Magazine Sold With Built In WiFi Hotspot

forbes-office-365-hotspotMicrosofts new marketing trick is like nothing I’ve ever seen, they put in a functional wifi hotspot into a magazine. Which means that people who bought the special issue of Forbes got themselves a T-Mobile router which can give you free wifi for up to 15 days. Not bad, really not bad. but not good enough to fool anyone into using the very poor Office 365. And heck, even if they gave me a free TV i wouldn’t use Bing.

Nevertheless very nice, you can see a video of it below.


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