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How Do CD Players Act In Zero-G?

5 years ago / 0 comments

This video shows the physical properties of a gyroscope in zero gravity. But furthermore it demonstrates that CD players look cool when spinning in space.

Hydrofloors Pools with Movable Floors

5 years ago / 3 comments

Hydrofloors are only like the coolest thing ever invented. They are specially designed pools with movable floors. When you’re using your pool it’s just like a normal pool. But when you are done swimming …

Look At This Self Expanding Electronic Table

5 years ago / 0 comments

First impression, wow amazing. This automatic table morphs itself into sections and then reassembles itself either to make the table bigger or smaller. Really, just have a look at the video.

Watch an RC Plane Reach The Atmosphere

5 years ago / 2 comments

Sooner or later it was bound to happen, someone sent an RC plane to the edge of space. People have previously sent Lego Men, Hamburgers, Phones and all other sorts of things, using high …

This New Computer Chip Can Heal Itself

5 years ago / 3 comments

Imagine that the chips in your smart phone or computer could repair and defend themselves on the fly, recovering in microseconds from problems ranging from less-than-ideal battery power to total transistor failure. It might …

This Mouse Reads Electrical Impulses In your Arm

5 years ago / 1 comments

This is the MYO, a new motion controller mouse, but this one is special. MYO has a sensor to detect the electrical impulses in the muscles of your forearm. This, alongside a motion detector, …