Microsoft and Google Unveil New Gadgets

The hand held devices market is more competitive than ever before. There are all sorts of launches on a regular basis and old and new companies seem to be in a constant tussle for supremacy. Now with news of Apple’s iPad Mini, the waters are getting even choppier.
Both Microsoft and Google were hoping for a 29th of November launch of its new range of products. Hurricane Sandy was an event no one in Google must have expected and the company had to scrap its New York event. That has not stopped the company from unveiling a whole new range of goodies.


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This my friends, is no longer an issue!


Unotelly is a DNS service which allows you to use several online streaming sites in countries outside of where they are supposed to be used. For example Netflix, which only works in some countries and really only has its full selection in the US. With unotelly you can use it anywhere in the world, and performance isn’t compromised.

It really sounds great, but how well does it work?


Microsofts new Tablet ‘Surface’, can be used as skateboard!

Microsoft wanted to demonstrate just how tough their new Surface tablet is. During the demonstration the tablet was dropped 1.5 meters without any damage.

He also states that Microsoft has tested dropping Surface from 72 different angles and positions to ensure that the design can handle bumps and knocks.

And now for the fun, they also showed the tablet being used as a skateboard. Check it out in the video!


Essential Tweaks for Your iPhone5

Did you know that iPhone customers are growing with each passing day? The number of people who have purchased this device has touched a whopping 5 million figure. The day has finally dawned for Apple. Apart from the massive sales for the company, it is also evident that iPhone users are in fact more in number when compared to the entire population of Ireland. And there is something that makes it even more interesting. It is that most of the iPhone customers are the ones who have switched their service from other mobile service providers such as Android. For such people, here are a few tweaks that help accustomed to the device. (more…)

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After Apple Company announced the release of their new iPhone 5, some practical individuals who would like to save from being into iPhone 5 fever are excited to the release of iOS6. Apple promised a new experience in the new iOS6 as it is equipped with a lot of surprises which includes the famous 3D maps and other functions that would maximize the functionality of the known Siri. (more…)

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