Kurio is a Tablet designed for children

Kurio is the tablet designed for children, which means that this 7″ tablet comes with associated shock protection in different pastel colors, has a severely modified version of Android on the inside and allows you to customize exactly how much access the children should have the internet and web pages.


iNoxCase 360 4gs iphone case review


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The New Motorola Motosmart Review

Touch screen, 3- megapixel camera, android support, weather and other local reports, Internet access… sounds like any other smartphone, doesn’t it? The new Motorola Motosmart phone is the latest budget phone released by the company. When Android powered phones were introduced in the market, the phones were affordable only to a particular circle. Various phone companies have worked their way in making android phones affordable for everyone over the years. Microsoft joined the market of producing economical android phones and their latest release is the Motorola Motosmart.


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Leaked images of the new Iphone

new iphone 5 ios 6 body leaked prototype blurrycamPictures of the what is supposedly the new iphone have been leaked.We already know it will have a micro USB port, and according to this have a larger screen. There’s also this video from parts reseller, ETradeSupply. It demonstrates a relocated headphone socket, two-tone surface and a much smaller dock connector. And with IOS 6 having been recently announced at WWDC it wouldn’t be surprising if Apple was getting close to release the iphone 5. On a side note, the iphone 5 is according to rumor the last product Steve Jobs designed before he passed away. (more…)

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