This is a new product from Autodesk and Sculpteo which seems very nice. It allows you to create “Creatures” in 3D on your ipad, (Reminds me a bit of Spore). And then print them from a 3D printer. The reason this is so good is because usually 3D printers are very difficult to handle, everything has to be exact scale in your CAD software etc.. So kids cant exactly make their own toys. However this seems like a really good solution.

Now, i realize not every household has a 3D printer, but one day a 3D printer might be as vital as a refrigerator. And then how great isn’t it that your kids can make their own completely unique toys?


Supersonic pingpong bazooka blasts balls at Mach 1.23

That’s right, this thing shoots ping pong balls at a speed of ~420 m / s, that is faster than an F-16 fighter jet. It can shoot right trough plywood and aluminium, as well as deeply dent thick steel. Pretty cool.


NASA Launched It’s Most Advanced Satellite Ever, Today

atlas-5-landsat-ldcm-lauinchToday NASA launched a new satellite. The satellite is an observation satellite that will be used to monitor the earths vegetation, glaciers and pole changes.






LDCM is the most capable and advanced Landsat spacecraft yet, and its successful launch could extend the program’s legacy another decade or so into the future, researchers said.

“LDCM will continue to describe the human impact on Earth and the impact of Earth on humanity, which is vital for accommodating seven billion people on our planet,” LDCM project manager Ken Schwer, of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md., told reporters Feb. 8 during a prelaunch press briefing.


The satellite costed a total of 855 million dollars and is the eight satellite to be launched in this project.



The name ‘Fujitsu’ has been associated with quite a few good electronic products. Not surprising its new product the Fujitsu ‘Stylistic M532′ Android Tablet created quite a buzz in the U.S. markets.


Fujitsu ‘Stylistic M532′ Android Tablet is ideal for both business as well as for private use. So let us take a closer look at its features.


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