Best movie Reviews of 2012

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The Phoenix Theatre London witnessed the year 2012 to be the highest grossing year for movies in history. 


Top 5 Must Have Windows 8 Applications


The newest operating system from Microsoft has steadily been gaining formidable positive responses from the market. Yes, it definitely takes a little getting used to, but it is certainly looking toward a successful year this 2013!

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ESA’s microSatellite Proba-V

It looks like a small ‘Borg-Cube’, but its actually a satellite. Completely human in origin.

Its mission is to scan the earths vegetation and much more.PROBA - V Final test in Qinetiq facility

The ‘V’ in its name stands for Vegetation: Proba-V will fly a reduced-mass version of the Vegetation instrument currently on board the Spot satellites to provide a daily overview of global vegetation growth.

ESA’s  microsatellite is now fully assembled and midway through testing to ensure it is fully spaceworthy. The miniature Earth-observer, designed to chart global vegetation every two days, will be launched in April.


OLPC’s Three New Products from the CES


OLPCA has unveiled for the first time the XO Learning System, an Android compatible
software suite for child-centric learning, which is available by license to computer
manufacturers, governments, NGOs and content providers such as book publishers.


CubeX 3D Printer for Consumers



This is a new 3D printer that was demoed at the CES, its meant to be easy and quick to use. And its seems very good, being able to print highly detailed things in color without any post processing necesseary. (more…)

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