The NYPD Can Scan You For Weapons From a Distance

nypd-car-in-times-square-stephen-heywoodThe New York Police Department this week unveiled new radiation scanners capable of identifying concealed weapons from a distance. The scanners are small enough to be installed in police vans or on notoriously violent street corners, thereby allowing police to identify carriers of illegal guns without going through the traditional patdown procedure.

Developed in conjunction with the London Metropolitan Police, the devices are designed to pick up on the terahertz radiation naturally emitted by both humans and inanimate objects. Anything blocking that radiation — including a gun — will be prominently highlighted, as evidenced by the NYPD’s demonstration.


These Glasses Will Protect You From Facial Recognition

The glasses stymie facial recognition software with infrared LED light. (Image from press release of The National Institute of Informatics, Japan)

When you see this you just think, of course that would be possible. What you are looking at is a pair of glasses which will shield you from facial recognition software.


where-do-google-doodles-come-from--ff2932470cThe United States remains far ahead of all governments who request user information from Google, according to the company’s latest Transparency Report (July through December 2012) which was released on Wednesday.

  • 68 percent of the requests Google received from government entities in the U.S. were through subpoenas. These are requests for user-identifying information, issued under the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (“ECPA”), and are the easiest to get because they typically don’t involve judges.
  • 22 percent were through ECPA search warrants. These are, generally speaking, orders issued by judges under ECPA, based on a demonstration of “probable cause” to believe that certain information related to a crime is presently in the place to be searched.
  • The remaining 10 percent were mostly court orders issued under ECPA by judges or other processes that are difficult to categorize. (more…)

Next PlayStation features AMD GPU, x64 8core CPU

cell-processor-580-75The information you’re about to read comes from official Orbis documentation, a hive of more than 90 PDFs about the forthcoming console.

These documents indicate that the next generation playstation will feature an eight core AMD64 CPU and an AMD R10XX GPU  to drive the system.


Russia is Planing a Nuclear Super Train

Russian railways is planing to build a nuclear powered train. With a power source similar to the ones used in nuclear-submarines.


According to RZhD vice-president Valentin Gapanovich, the train, consisting of 11 carriages, will be used for scientific purposes.


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