A Rather Disappointing First Look At The PS4

‎*poor console graphics engine
*same amount of cores as PS3
*havok physics
*game being showed off is CGI only
*console itself not even shown

Sony, are you even trying?

Not that It’s all bad, in fact it looks pretty nice. But you cant help but wonder if they really couldn’t do better than this in ~six years. Hopefully the end product will be more.. well amazing. Like the PS3 was at the time.

Better let you be the judge, the info is here below.

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With this thing you can turn you iphone into a really cool motion sensitive touch mouse for your PC. There are many apps out there that turn your iDevice into a touchpad, but this is something unique! Probably best to just check out this video, see what i mean.


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This is a new product from Autodesk and Sculpteo which seems very nice. It allows you to create “Creatures” in 3D on your ipad, (Reminds me a bit of Spore). And then print them from a 3D printer. The reason this is so good is because usually 3D printers are very difficult to handle, everything has to be exact scale in your CAD software etc.. So kids cant exactly make their own toys. However this seems like a really good solution.

Now, i realize not every household has a 3D printer, but one day a 3D printer might be as vital as a refrigerator. And then how great isn’t it that your kids can make their own completely unique toys?


Supersonic pingpong bazooka blasts balls at Mach 1.23

That’s right, this thing shoots ping pong balls at a speed of ~420 m / s, that is faster than an F-16 fighter jet. It can shoot right trough plywood and aluminium, as well as deeply dent thick steel. Pretty cool.


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