illumiroom-game-640x358Sony has already demoed an early version of the PS4, and the WiiU has been on sale for some time. So what will Microsoft do for this generation of consoles?

Supposedly it will be called Xbox 720, but we will have to wait and see if that part is true. Microsoft has however demoed something that they kept hinting had to do with the next Xbox. Its called IllumiRoom.

So what is IllumiRoom?


Nintendo Already Shutting Down Original Wii’s Online Services

no_wiiWow that was fast, Nintendo has already set a date for which the original Wii’s online services cease to work. Why so soon? Well naturally they want people to buy the WiiU. I just feel a tad bit sorry for the people who still use their wii.

The channels will be switched off on Jun 28. The Today’s Accomplishments and the Wii Shop Channel will however remain active.



‘We at Nintendo sincerely thank you for your continued patronage of our company’s products,’ Nintendo said in a statement. ‘We apologize to those of you currently using these services, and ask for your understanding.’

Note that this doesn’t directly affect online features in purchased games.

This Box Contains 15 Gaming Consoles

This box right here, there are 15 gaming consoles in it. No emulators here, it is literally 15 different consoles. All powered by one power supply.
The creator spent 3,500 hours over 3 years to make this, laying out 300 meters of cabling inside what ended up being a 20kg (44lbs) box. It is currently unique, so you cant buy it. However with a little skill you can easily build one yourself.

A Rather Disappointing First Look At The PS4

‎*poor console graphics engine
*same amount of cores as PS3
*havok physics
*game being showed off is CGI only
*console itself not even shown

Sony, are you even trying?

Not that It’s all bad, in fact it looks pretty nice. But you cant help but wonder if they really couldn’t do better than this in ~six years. Hopefully the end product will be more.. well amazing. Like the PS3 was at the time.

Better let you be the judge, the info is here below.

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Star Trek Into Darkness App

As you might know there is a new Star Trek movie coming up soon. And to promote this they have created a new app.

The Star Trek app features 30-40 missions, with up to 10 available at any given moment and also the option to pass on missions. Players should be on the lookout for new missions to be added each week.

This app is like the Starfleet Academy,” Mitch Lusas, director of product development at Paramount, told Hero Complex. “You start off as a cadet, and you complete these missions. As you complete each mission, it will disappear and a new mission will come up. You’ll advance in your rank, you’ll unlock content and there will be some other exclusive things that will come up as well. The higher you get in your rank, the more content you will actually unlock, things like potentially extended versions of some videos we might be releasing. We’ll also have some information that’s exclusive coming to this app.”


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