Video Game Designs for the Visually Impaired

The video game industry is a quickly growing one, just between 2007 and 2010 the industry has grown from a 9.5 billion dollar to a 25.1 billion dollar industry. This shows a steadily growing demand for video games, but at the same time there are many video games out there. So a good way to increase your target audience may be looking to the visually impaired.  285 million people are visually impaired worldwide: 39 million are blind and 246 have low vision and about 90% of the worlds visually impaired are living in developing countries.

So if we could change video games to better suit people with visual impairments, our target audience would grow substantially.


Next PlayStation features AMD GPU, x64 8core CPU

cell-processor-580-75The information you’re about to read comes from official Orbis documentation, a hive of more than 90 PDFs about the forthcoming console.

These documents indicate that the next generation playstation will feature an eight core AMD64 CPU and an AMD R10XX GPU  to drive the system.


Archos Gamepad Tested

Archos gamepad ces

The Archos GamePad is a video gaming tablet developed and marketed by Archos. It runs on the Android operating system. It was announced on August 29, 2012 and was first released on 6 December 2012 in Europe, with a US release projected for early 2013. The tablet is aimed at gaming, and features dedicated dual analog sticks along with regular gaming keys and shoulder buttons – a similar design as the PlayStation Vita. Archos have designed a technology which ‘converts’ the touch controls (of Android games) into physical controls from the buttons. It’s able to get over a thousand games from the Google Play library.
Archos GamePad features a 7-inch screen, 8GB of internal storage, 16 physical buttons, a 0.3 MP front camera, and stereo speakers. It is 10mm thick and weights 300 grams. Archos have developed a special mapping software for developers to officially make their games compatible with the GamePad’s physical buttons.

I tested this new gaming device at the CES this year. It looks and feels a bit too plastic, but at the same time seems rather sturdy. The feel in your hands is good and the D-Pads are well placed. Reaction was very good considering most android devices have serious lag problems. This thing can emulate a nintendo 64 and nes in addition to all the other android games that are available. I played Trials HD on it, and the performance was great. (more…)

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Razer Sabertooth Xbox 360 Controller

razer pls

Razer showed us some new cool stuff at the CES this year, amongst those cool stuff was a new Xbox 360 controller. One that might make 360 gaming fun again. It features 6 remappable buttons and an OLED screen. The finish is the same nice rubbery finish that’s on the Razer Onza controller.


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Nvidias new portable gaming console, Project Shield


At CES 2013 in Las Vegas,  Nvidia  has now unveiled a project called Shield, an Android portable game console, including 5 inch high resolution touch screen, hdmi, function to stream games from the PC with the newly announcede Tegra 4 under the hood.


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