What Do Holiday Lights Look Like From Space

holiday christmas lights from space nasa
Using data from the Suomi NPP satellite scientists at NASA have determined just how much brighter city lights shine during the holidays. Hint, it’s a lot.


Droplet, The Awesome Watering Robot

Droplet is an amazing little thing, essentially it’s a like a Roomba but for watering. It can replace your sprinkler system, water potted plants, fill up the doggy water bowl, or maybe even spray water at unwanted visitors. It’s 100% automatic and can be programmed/controlled via your smartphone or tablet.


Drones That Can Land Vertically On A Wall

For whatever purpose the drone might be used, sometimes there might not be anywhere to land. Except.. on a wall.

Six Famous Thought Experiments

This compilation of animations from the Open University explains six different thought experiments, or paradoxes. Certainly interesting, but don’t try to solve them, you might end up hurting your brain.

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Virtusphere – The Virtual Reality Sphere

What an amazing idea, a virtual reality sphere! Essentially you step into this thing, and you can move around like in a hamster ball, combined with a VR headset you can use this thing to walk around any environment you can imagine! The best thing is that this thing will work with already existing video games without extensive modifications. I want one!

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