Can A Laser Pop A Balloon Underwater?

Powerful lasers are able to pop balloons on land with ease, but does the same work under water?

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Star Trek Tech

Destination Star Trek 2014 Frankfurt Kickoff Party

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And so Destination Star Trek 2014 kicks off. I haven’t been to the actual convention yet, but the initiation party was awesome. So many people with the same view of the world, It’s really great! Gonna be really exiting to see the exhibitors and maybe meet some of the Star Trek cast tomorrow. Don’t forget Mars One is here, so stay tuned!

An iPhone Case For Sending Smoke Signals

smoke signals iphone case
This iPhone case lets you send smoke signals, now why you would want to do that, I have no idea. But It’s certainly a unique idea.. It’s called the SMS case which stands for “smoke messaging service.” It’s a case designed by Dennis de Bel which hides a chamber filled with lamp oil inside.
When you press the button on the case it heats the lamp oil up to produce clouds of smoke. Of course, in order to respond via smoke as well, others will also have to have an SMS case. But to be honest, I have a hard time believing anyone would actually use a device like this.

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Nokian Working On Tires With Retractable Studs

Nokian Tyres has announced the development of a winter tire with retractable studs. If you’re driving and suddenly see a patch of snowy road, just press a button and the studs come out. Then you can retract them again once you’re clear. An incredibly good idea which will save both lives and reduce the tear on roads.
Full press release below

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