Equalizer iPhone 5/5s Case

equalizer phone case gif


This iPhone case has an LED equalizer on the back. The case is powered by it’s own battery and reacts to sounds around it via a microphone.  Pretty cool, although the part on the top seems to make it unnecessarily bulky.



High Altitude Balloons Allow For (Near) Space Tourism

high altitude baloon
World View Enterprises of Tucson says it has successfully completed the first scale test flight of a high-altitude balloon and capsule being developed to let tourists float 20 miles above the earth.


Google Announces Cardboard Virtual Reality Kit

foldable cardboard vr google glass
At Googles most recent I/O keynote they announced something rather interesting. A sort of cardboardy version of Google Glass. You just fold this thing up, place your phone in it, and combined with built in lenses it creates a 3D VR effect. It even has NFC support. Pretty cool, and you can get your own (unofficial version) for $20.


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Using A Candle To Power A Projector

This fun mod was sent in to Hackaday. A guy found a projector in the trash, got it to work. and while he’s waiting for the LED’s to arrive he tried using a candle as lightsource. And it worked, well to some degree.



Scientists Send Photons Traveling Through Time

space-time structure
We are still nowhere near practical time travel using matter. But scientists at the University of Queensland have managed to send light into a sort of time loop. They used individual photons to replicate a quantum particle traveling through a space-time loop to arrive where and when it began. This could potentially be the first step towards at least communicating with other time periods.

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