Interactive Moto X Magazine Ad Actually Changes Colors

This ad is certainly unique, in the latest feature of Wired magazine Motorola has an ad that lets you change the color of the phone in the ad. To do this it uses LEDs embedded between the paper and a thin sheet of plexiglass, four batteries and the color buttons. You can see the inner working in the video too.
Advertisements these days are so terrible It’s actually fun when someone decides to do something different. I’m not sure whether this beats the magazine with a built in WiFi hotspot, but nonetheless It’s pretty cool. The ad will appear in 150000 copies of Wired in New York and Chicago.

Clever Light Up iPhone Cases

blinking led iphone case gif
As you may know iPhones can blink their LED when there’s an incoming message, i always thought that feature was kind of pointless. But here’s the accessory that will make it an awesome feature. They are clear plastic cases with different patterns etched in on the back. And when the LED flashes it distributes the light across those patterns. You can see the result above. Pretty cool, and they’re only $19.99 each. (more…)

Digital Billboard Identifies Planes Flying Overhead

This digital billboard will identify airplanes flying over it, point towards it accurately and then tell you which flight it is and It’s destination. Fascinating.

Morphing Table With Motion Tracking

MIT never seems to stop showing us new cool stuff. The latest invention is a morphing table with an interesting control interface. And their hopes are to actually put this technology to good use, not just as a cool thing.

Past research on shape displays has primarily focused on rendering content and user interface elements through shape output, with less emphasis on dynamically changing UIs. We propose utilizing shape displays in three different ways to mediate interaction: to facilitate by providing dynamic physical affordances through shape change, to restrict by guiding users with dynamic physical constraints, and to manipulate by actuating physical objects.

In other words they’re exploring ways in which we could interact with machines in the future.

Lighting a Jack-o’-lantern With a Huge Tesla Coil

This guy probably decided that candles and LED’s are just too mainstream. So for Halloween he decided he would try to light a pumpkin with a massive Tesla coil. A pretty fun Halloween experiment even though It’s not exactly the safest thing to do.

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