Symphony Made Using Bike Parts

A musician called Flip Baber has made this awesome song using nothing but bike parts and a microphone.

The Worlds Biggest Amazon Package Contains a Car

When Nissan offered to sell its Versa Note on Amazon last fall, it promised to ship the cars to three lucky buyers in actual Amazon boxes. A pretty clever marketing campaign.

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Watch The Moon Set Over Death Valley

Moonset Over Death valley
This is a series of photos i took of the moon setting behind a hill in Death Valley, CA. What you are seeing in the latter scenes is called Earthshine. Earthshine is sunlight reflected from the earth onto the night side of the moon. Below you can see it as an animated sequence.

Robot Breakdances On Screen Protectors

robot dancing on screen protectors To show just how scratch resistant their tempered glass screen protectors are Nitro Z let a robot dance on a sheet of them. Quite an interesting way to test their product, but does it beat chopping celery on a tablet?

Virtual Reality Experience As a Phone In a Ballistic Case

ballistic oculus rift 360 experience ces

Yeah so today i got flushed down a toilet. At the Ballistic booth at CES you could thanks to the oculus rift take the role of a smartphone wearing one of their shockproof cases. Quite exciting, the experience included getting dropped, lost and run over by a car. You can see the video i saw here, although obviously not at 360°.


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