Check Out This Amazing 360° Panorama Of The Milky Way

NASA recently released this awesome zoomable 360° panorama of the Milky Way. The 20-gigapixel panorama of our galaxy is made from over 2 million infrared photos taken over the past 10 years by NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope.

Watch An EMP Instantly Fry A Cars Electronics System

Electromagnetic pulse weapons or EMPs, are a technology capable of disabling electronics from a distance. It looks pretty cool


Pacman Mod Based On Doctor Who

pacman doctor who
Somebody has made a version of Pacman, with one major twist. You are The Doctor and you’re being chased by Daleks. Kinda fun

Talk about having too much time on your hands. This thing circulates 100,000 toy cars every hour through a vast network of 18 tracks. The creator Chris Burden calls it an artwork, although I think he might be putting a bit too much meaning into his toycar track, it’s pretty cool.
To get an idea of just how big it is, look at the picture, there’s a person standing in the middle of it.
You can see it on exhibition at the Los Angeles Museum of Art, or in the video below.


Can A Laser Pop A Balloon Underwater?

Powerful lasers are able to pop balloons on land with ease, but does the same work under water?

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