The Square Wheel That Works Better Than A Regular Wheel

How could a square shaped wheel possibly be more efficient than a round one? That sounds ridiculous at first, but if you think about it, a square wheel would have less contact area with the ground. Not that a regular cube would be of much use as a wheel, this cube however has a special helix shape and the threads are in a sine-wave pattern which combined with the material reduces the surface area that makes contact with the ground, in turn reducing friction and speeding up rotation.

Skateboarder David Patrick’s crazy SharkWheel was discovered by chance while he was creating a cube out of six soft pieces of piping. Patrick dropped the cube by accident, and to his amazement, the piece started rolling and it didn’t stop.


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Photoshop Live – Street Retouch Prank

As part of a campaign called Creative days, Adobe made this video featuring a screen in a bus stop and a very fast photoshopper. The result is quite entertaining!

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These Artificial Trees Clean The Air


These trees made from recycled plastic are soon going to decorate the streets of Boston. The purpose of the trees is to clean the air, very exciting news. every city should have these, they not only do good, but look very nice!

The TREEPOD systems are capable of removing carbon dioxide from the air and releasing oxygen using a carbon dioxide removal process called “humidity swing,”. In addition to their air-cleansing abilities, TREEPODS will also include solar energy panels and will harvest kinetic energy through an interactive seesaw that visitors can play with at the TREEPOD’s base. As passersby play on the seesaws they power displays that explain the TREEPODS’ de-carbonization process. Both the solar panels and the kinetic energy station will power the air filtration process, as well as interior lights.

NASAs Plan For 3D Printers Making Space Food

Nasa has funded a project that aims to adapt 3D printers for space usage, among other things these 3D printers will act as a sort of space kitchen.
A company called Systems and Materials Research Consultancy is studying how to make nutritious food with a 3D printer.

This would not only increase efficiency, but also make it able to store rations for longer trips more easily.

“Long distance space travel requires 15-plus years of shelf life,” Contractor told Quartz. “The way we are working on it is, all the carbs, proteins and macro and micro nutrients are in powder form. We take moisture out, and in that form it will last maybe 30 years.”


Everybody Should See Earth From Space

And thanks to the crew off the ISS (International Space Station) you can. This timelapse was recorded in March this year and features amazing images of the earth as it looks from the space station. These images where recorded with a special low light 4K camera.

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