Roasting Marshmallows On The Flames Of A Massive Turbo

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This is without doubt the coolest way I’ve seen to roast a marshmallow, ever. Using one of the two turbos on this 1400hp methanol-fed v8 Mustang.

Hoonicorn V2: see and (more importantly) HEAR the sounds of two turbos bolted to a methanol-fed V8. And since it shoots fire, I thought it would be perfect for a quick marshmallow roast last night! A 1400 horsepower marshmallow roast. All filmed with GoPro Hero5. #twinturbo #AWD #hoonicornboostedonmeth #1400hp #methmallows #HoonicornV2


The video comes from racecar driver Ken Block, who is known for trying out extreme vehicles under extreme conditions. Like the Trax STI seen below:

Here’s a shot of the Hoonicorn V2 in action:


Next summer, Ken Block will ‘climb’ a mountain using this monster. He calls it ‘Climbkhana’, it might be worth checking out if this impressed you.

For a closer look at the Hoonicorn V2 check out this link


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