Minecraft coming to Xperia play

Minecraft running on a sony-ericsson xperia play, "psp phone"There have been half bad buggy, but most of all quickly taken down mobile minecraft ports for various devices. But this seems like something more official. What you see on the picture is the full pc client ported to Sony-Ericsson xperia play. It looks awesome too, video in the article.

But i cant help feeling this is a pr trick from Sony, they did after all get some pretty bad critics on how they handled the whole psjailbreak case. And still are handling it in a weird fashion. But, hey portable minecraft. I’m not complaining… (more…)

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Barnes and noble announces Nook, with touchscreen

..this time B&N goes for a E-ink screen..

Barnes and noble which have become big players in the e-reader business have just announced their third version of the Nook. This one with a new e-ink screen which will improve the usual, refresh time, and contrast. Also its backside is made of a rubbery material wich should feel great in your hands. You can preorder it on B&n’s website for 139¤.

The new B&N Nook

The new Nook has a redesigned home screen with your current reading list and suggested titles. It also adds a few features like FastPage Zoom forward, which lets you jump to any page in a title, and (finally) displays the number of pages left to go. Inside is Android 2.1 and 2GB of storage, which can be expanded using the microSD slot, and a WiFi radio — but sadly no 3G. You’ll also be able to share quotes, lend books, and update your status on social networks using Nook Friends, which debuted last year with the Nook Color.

Coca-Cola turn their HQ into worlds largest screen

For their 125th anniversary coca-cola turned their HQ into one huge light-show. They hired a company called Obscura Digital to turn all 4 sides of their Atlanta HQ building into a giant 26 story tall projection screen. All in all that amounts to over 200,000 square feet of projection surface. The setup also appears to use multiple projectors on the ground for each side, seamlessly lined up to create one giant animation.

Sometimes the simplest of ideas can be the absolute best ones. And this one truly is genius, first you eat some pasta with the fork, then you combine then in order to eat your sushi properly. [MORE HERE]

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I can see your fingers...

I’m guessing it wont take long until the us government acquires these, so congratulations to the creator you are soon to be rich. This box will allow with the use of two 1.3MP cameras and a POL fiter light system of some sort to scan fingerprints up to 6 1/2 feet away. If you click MORE there is a detailed explanation and a description of its current limitations. (more…)

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