With this mod you never have to buy an ink cartridge again

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Instead of paying for absurdly priced printer cartridges,you can build yourself a Continuous Ink Printer (CIS) which can be made by hacking an old printer to suck ink from external reservoirs. You can get the raw ink for dirt cheap so it’s essentially like unlimited printing for free (besides the paper). So now you can actually print your collection of pirated books! 😉 A CIS is relatively easy to create, just take an Epson Stylus 760 (a surprisingly hard to find printer) and make a few modifications to it. This tutorial walks you through the build process so you can make your own.

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  • Anonymous11. Sep, 2014

    if you don’t print frequently ink dries in the tubes

  • Doug Jebus07. Jul, 2015

    I see lots of Bamboon Tampoon here.

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