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Kurio is a Tablet designed for children

9 years ago / 1 comments

Kurio is the tablet designed for children, which means that this 7″ tablet comes with associated shock protection in different pastel colors, has a severely modified version of Android on the …

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Apple really wants to buy Dropbox, $800milion!

10 years ago / 0 comments

    Basically, Dropbox is a web based file hosting service which uses cloud computing to allow its users to not only store but to share their files and folders with …

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I just discovered domains from Yahoo!

10 years ago / 6 comments

Did you know that Yahoo! sells domains? And buying a Yahoo! domain name is just the beginning! They combine industry-leading performance, reliability and support at an affordable price in both Windows …

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What is Deviceknit?

10 years ago / 1 comments

You might have seen a new page called Deviceknit, it’s on twitter, Facebook and on the web, it’s a pretty cool thing. But what exactly is it? By now you have …

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