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Wikipedia changes GoDaddy's mind about SOPA

8 years ago / 0 comments

Earlier this week the opposers of SOPA and PROTECT IP where on wikipedia owner Jimmy Wales back about the fact that they oppose SOPA yet have their domain registered with GoDaddy domains, and they …

List of companies in support of SOPA / Protect IP

8 years ago / 0 comments

Microsoft, Apple, and 27 other technology companies are in support of SOPA. They are part of the Business Software Alliance. Below is a list of 29 technology companies that are in support of SOPA:

Anonymous Also Fighting Protect ip

8 years ago / 1 comments

Some questioned if recent in-fighting between hacker collective Anonymous’ more vocal members would affect the group’s efficacy combating its latest target, the “Protect IP” bill. Considering the group launched a DDoS attack on Monday …

Summary of whats going on with the internet right now, Protect IP

8 years ago / 3 comments

Blacklist bill, Protect IP act, SOPA. What exactly is going on? UPDATE: Full Bill Summary added! There is a big hype on the internet about the US government trying to censor, or even shut …

THEY WANT TO KILL THE INTERNET,   Internet Blacklist Bill

8 years ago / 0 comments

FOR REAL: The House just introduced a version of the Internet Blacklist Bill which could effectively SHUT DOWN Twitter, Youtube, and sites that rely on user-generated content. Click here to tell your lawmakers not …