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Dreamhack Summer is now over. hope you enjoyed this live post

3D image of DHS2011 before lights out 

Surfing skill contest

The goal of this contest is to get from one website to another only by clicking links. The users are given a computer without a keyboard and the web browser is locked on fullscreen. In this case they were to go from wikipedias homepage to Dreamhack’s homepage.

Chance to win one out of 5 LoL skins

To enter the contest to win one of 5 available LoL skins just comment something +(LOL) in the comment box above. Good luck..

if you are at dreamhack you will be able to pick it up personaly otherwise winners will get an email!

The Italo brothers perform live at Dreamhack summer 2011

The italo brothers just finnished their live performance here at dreamhack. It was awesome, great music even greater laser show! they even performed a song from their new demo, wich they hadnt played before. All in all a good show..

we just had a nice visit from nyan nyan cat as you can see

NYAN NYAN NYAN! click to enlarge

“Everyone started cheering as soon as the poptart cat filled the screen..” 




Heres a video of the countdown plus the band that played.

And so it begins.. The countdown just ended and the 8-bit / techno band (SMK) is on stage playing. [update] they did have somewhat of a fail where they plugged the mic out by accident. Also i’ve seen someone play HoN from their mobile phone!

posted Friday, June 17:th

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