About UI / UX Design in Simple Words

UI/UX Design

Have you ever wondered how many websites or applications you use per day? A few years ago, you were definitely able to name at least an approximate figure. Now, probably, you can hardly even imagine this number. The modern world is full of innovative technologies, which makes our life much easier and more convenient, and information more accessible and interesting. In many ways, this convenience is the merit of UI / UX design. Let’s see what it is and how it affects our lives.


Each of us has come across the concept of “interface” more than once. What is it in simple words? An interface is a technology that helps you interact with mechanisms. But the 21st century is a time of high competition and advanced digital technologies, that’s why you find an incredible number of different interface options on the Internet. The more attractive and easier to use the interface, for example, of a business, the more users visit the site, and, as a result, order goods or services. For this, there are companies that provide user experience design services. They make businesses more efficient and productive.

UI/UX Design

What is UX and UI design

UX stands for User Experience. In other words, it is what experience or impression the user gets from working with your interface. It also determines the measure of how easy or difficult it is for them to achieve their goal, such as placing an order or using a service.

UI stands for User Interface. Here we are talking about the appearance, how your interface looks and what characteristics it has. This is the area that determines the size of the button so that the user is comfortable, the readability of the text so that the user does not spoil his eyesight, the choice of a specific color for specific details, and so on.

Thus, UX/UI design is the design of user interfaces, in which not only usability, but also appearance is important.

What is the end goal, or what are designers working for?

Speaking about business, the main task of a UX / UI designer is to “sell” a product or service through the interface. It is thanks to the high-quality work of the UX / UI designer that the user decides to purchase the product. If the designer did not work well, the interface is designed in such a way that it is inconvenient for the user to manage it and in general it does not look attractive, the user will not waste time, he will surely go to a competitor.

What is the difference between UX and UI designers?

The difference between UX and UI is that the UX designer comes up with how users will interact with the interface, as well as exactly what steps the user needs to take to do something with the interface.

While the UI designer designs what each of these steps will look like. Of course, as you can already understand, UX and UI are so closely related that sometimes the line between concepts is blurred. Therefore, both UX and UI are usually handled by one designer and his profession is written with /.


Why is this profession gaining momentum? This is all connected, of course, with the development of digital technologies and the transition of businesses to a digital format, because the future and success of a business lies in the digital format. It seems that this article should end with the famous quote from Bill Gates: “If your business is not on the Internet, then you are not in business.”