WOWCube® Digital Rubik’s Cube


WOW Cube is a digital Rubiks cube that allows you to play games on it other than solving the old boring rubrics cube. It’s a very interesting new interface for playing games. But will it truly be a revolutionary new way of playing games or simply vaporware?

According to the companies presskit WOW Cube is “a one-of-a-kind device in the shape of a cube made of 8 separate
cubicle modules connected to each other. Each module is a separate
device with three high-resolution screens and a CPU inside.”

Product images and videos show a range of classic mobile games such as cut the rope being played with the new interface. And while it does look cool it’s difficult to say whether the cube would actually end up being frequently used or just end up on a shelf.

One thing that’s a redeeming factor even if it would end up sitting on a shelf are it’s widgets. It can be used as a clock, calendar or for displaying the weather.

I would love to get my hand on one so I could tell you more about how it actually feels to use it. Stay tuned.

Source Cubos inc, Product page

Article by Johanna Krahbichler