ULA Delta IV Takes Off From Cape Canaveral

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Delta IV ULA launch ksc cape canaveral july 2015 space rocket lift-off
A Delta IV rocket successfully launched from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station on the 23rd of July, carrying a communications satellite for the Air Force. Gadgetzz was there to take pictures of the awesome event, check it out!

delta Iv rocket on launch pad

The Delta IV rocket itself had some structural changes made to it as well as an uprated RS-68A engine, previously only used on the NROL-15 launch, these changes are to become standard across the Delta IV fleet in an effort to reduce production costs.

For the launch, which had flight number Delta 372, the Medium+(5,4) configuration was used. This featured four GEM-60 solid rocket motors and a five-meter diameter upper stage.

The launch was an amazing sight! After the engines had ignited it felt like the whole thing was over very fast.
Due to safety you have to stand very far away from a launch like this, but thanks to my telephoto lens I got a truly great view anyway.

Firstly you need to check out the video, the best part is at the end where I used my telephotolens.

Delta IV lif-off sonic boom supersonic

The coolest part of it was probably when I saw the rocket break the speed of sound.


The fact that the rocket went straight through a cloud made for some pretty cool photos.

Separation of the rockets stages.



A rocket launch is truly a beautiful thing, there are some clearly artistic qualities to it.


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