CES 2015 Preview

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is the worlds largest consumer electronics tradeshow, there are sure to be tons of exciting announcements made. Gadgetzz will be there covering the event for our fourth time, so stay tuned!

The 2015 International CES takes place Jan. 6-9, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

For the full CES 2015 schedule look, here.

Groundbreaking products announced at previous CES shows include:

Videocassette recorder (VCR), 1970
Laserdisc Player, 1974
Camcorder, 1981
Compact Disc Player, 1981
Digital Audio Technology, 1990
Compact Disc Interactive, 1991
Mini Disc, 1993
Radio Data System, 1993
Digital Satellite System, 1994
Digital Versatile Disc (DVD), 1996
High Definition Television (HDTV), 1998
Hard-disc VCR (PVR), 1999
Digital Audio Radio (DAR), 2000
Microsoft Xbox, 2001
Plasma TV, 2001
Home Media Server, 2002
HD Radio, 2003
Blu-ray Disc, 2003
HDTV PVR, 2003
HD Radio, 2004
IP TV, 2005
An explosion of digital content services, 2006
New convergence of content and technology, 2007
OLED TV, 2008
3D HDTV, 2009
Tablets, Netbooks and Android Devices, 2010
Connected TV, Smart Appliances, Android Honeycomb, Ford’s Electric Focus, Motorola Atrix, Microsoft Avatar Kinect, 2011
Ultrabooks, 3D OLED, Android 4.0 tablets, 2012
Ultra HDTV, Flexible OLED, Driverless Car Technology, 2013