i'm Watch, Bluetooth Smartwatch Tested

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This is the i’m watch, a smart watch which connects to your phone. Its hardly new but i got a chance to try it out at the CES this year.

My first impression is that it looks very good, it seems to be of good quality and the design is nice. The UI was pretty responsive, faster than you might expect from such a small device, but not prefect.

It connects via bluetooth to your handheld device, iphone or android. And you can use it to check your facebook and to answer calls and texts.

It features 4gb memory, 128MB RAM and a 240² pixel resolution screen at 1.54″. It’s running a custom version of Android OS called i’m Droid 2, they dont however say which android core it is. Battery times is promised to be up to 48 hours without bluetooth connection and 24 hours with.

All in all its a good smart-watch, altough it requires a phone and the battery time could be better. It gets 8/10 for the price of roughly 370$.





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