Nikon going to use carbon fiber on their new DSLR's?

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According to an aerospace materials engineer nikon will do their new lines of DSLR’s completely in carbon fiber. And i dont see why nobody thought of it before, its lightwieght, durable, dosent scratch easily …

Cool tech concepts

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Remember the Nokia Morph, there’s tons of these stuff. I collected the best of them, some will never happen. some already happened. Check it out, HERE!

Android notifications right on your Mac's desktop

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It only works for mac right now, buut the developers say that they are working on a windows version. Nothing has yet been said about Linux. But now that the idea has been lifted …

open source Egg-Bot saves your easter!

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Robots help us accomplish many complex tasks, from diffusing bombs to assembling automobiles. Now, with the open source Egg-Bot, we can add “drawing on spherical surfaces” to that list. Yes that IS a complex …

New ipod nano teardown!

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Exited to see whats inside this squared little ipod? Well here it is! The 6th-gen device weighs in at 67 percent of the volume of its precursor, with a slightly thicker body and that …

Console Storage Tower Eliminates Cable Clutter

8 years ago / 1 comments

If your game console accessories and games are creating piles of clutter in your room, then it might be time to grab something like the Level Up storage towers. They look awesome and there’s one …