[TUTORIAL] Getting PayPal Verified Account using Neteller

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PayPal is one of the most well-known online transaction broker. Most of online business site like PTC, PTP, etc are using PayPal to make a payment to their member. And most of them require you to have a verified PayPal account.

Before you can use this service, you must have a Neteller Account, Click Here to get the step to Register Neteller Account or Click here to directly into Neteller website. After that, use this step :
1. Login to your Account and click Net+ Cards
2. Enter your Neteller Secure ID
3. And then View Card Number

4. Then, you will get 16 debit card number and 3 CVV number that you can use to verified your paypal

5. Enter the 16 number and CVV number in your Paypal
6. Then, you will get a report on your Neteller History and also a code contains 4 number from paypal

7. Enter the code back to paypal and you will get your account verified


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