Tesla Model S Upgraded Speed Through Software Update

tesla model s software update boost

Yeah, that’s right, the Tesla model S will soon get a software update that literally makes the car accelerate faster. I’m not sure exactly how that is accomplished, perhaps by allowing higher voltage to the motors. But regardless, that is freaking awesome. I wish I could update my old Volvo to go faster.. (more…)

Quake Running On An Oscilloscope

It seem that these days people have gotten the old game Quake to run on just about everything. But I never imagined it would work on an old oscilloscope. Truly amazing!

How To Build A Smartphone Drone

phone drone floneHow To Build
In this Instructable you get to learn how to build a drone for your phone.
It seems really simple, and yet quite awesome.
Check it out in action below:

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Just after Google ended it’s glass project, Microsoft is taking the idea to the next level. This is an amazing concept which is just difficult to explain in words, so check out the video.


Things Computers Can Do In Movies

computer movie
Wouldn’t it be awesome if computers were are easy to use and as powerful as in in movies?

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