Stacking Canon Tele Extenders

5 stacked canon tele extenders
Tele extenders or teleconverters are a great way to increase the zoom on your camera lens. One day I thought to myself, what if you could stack these. Turns out you can. And pretty much as many as you want, or can afford. These guys stacked 5 of them with a 800mm lens and used the monstrous setup to photograph the moon. It turned out pretty well.

Heat Sensitive Car Paint Job

Maybe you had one of those toy cars that change color with temperature when you were a kid. These guys took it to the next level and painted their Nissan Skyline r33 with heat sensitive paint. The result looks amazing!

Photos Of The April 2014 Lunar Eclipse

lunar eclipse 2014
On April 15th ~12:20 AM there was a total lunar eclipse visible from the Americas. It was quite spectacular! Here are some photos I took of the eclipse.
I used a 800mm lens + EOS 5D MKII. The settings for the one above were 0.8 sec @ISO-2500, f/11. It has been edited slightly for increased detail, you can click it to enlarge. Below are some unedited shots and a timelapse video.

ESA Developing A Hyperspectral Camera For CubeSats

hyperspectral cubesat
The tiny satellites called CubeSats we wrote about some time ago seem to be getting better and better all the time. At the time it seemed like a neat way to make simple satellites cheaper. However these tiny satellites might just be the future for satellites. They are easier and cheaper to make and send up, they use mainstream parts, they use less energy and they pose virtually no risk of hitting the ground at atmospheric re-entry. And now they are getting a lot more advanced.

This palm-sized ‘three-mirror anastigmat’ design previously devised for Proba-V, with a trio of precisely curved aluminium mirrors is designed to enable hyperspectral imaging, even from a CubeSat-sized satellite.

DryBUDS: Watertight Headphones Review

dry buds

The DryBUDS are a pair of watertight in-ear headphones. I have been trying the DryBUDS for some time now, and here’s my conclusion..


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