Touchable Floating Plasma Holographic Display

Believe it or not these holographic floating plasma displays aren’t new. They just haven’t reached the market yet, because.. well, if you touch the images you get burned. However, thanks to researchers at Tokyo university, more touch friendly floating plasma displays are now possible.


smart fridge iot

By now you might have heard people talking about the “Internet of Things” and chances are the IoT (as some call it) has already started to weave its way into your life and business. In a , it is estimated that there will be nearly 25 billion sensors hooked up and sharing information by 2020. That’s nearly five times the number of things connected now. This has come to include everyday items like lightbulbs and thermostats to cars and, even more importantly, businesses.

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Morphing Through All The Ships Named Enterprise

This video is a pretty cool representation of all the Enterprise ships there have ever been. There is a quite a fair amount of fan art like the one above, however I’ve never before seen one that morphs through all the versions. Check it out:

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Your iPhone Won’t Save You From A Bullet

It’s pretty much a classic movie scenario, guy gets shot, but luckily he had his phone, or police badge or something in his pocket, protecting him from the bullet. As this clip shows, it’s not quite that easy..

Hair Dryer Art Is Way More Awesome Than It Sounds

hair dryer paper plane
I never thought I would need six hair dryers in my life, but clearly I do. This hair dryer installation is part of an exhibition held last December at the Maison Des Jonglages (House of Juggling) in La Courneuve, France. It was made by magician and juggler Antoine Terrieux. The dryers were positioned in such a way as to create an updraft for a paper airplane to fly around, a spinning vortex of water vapor, and other awesome things.

Check out the video!

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