Audi Creates The Most Awesome Taillights Ever

The New Audi Matrix OLED headlights and taillights are possibly the most awesome car lights ever. Although I must admit it does seem like this might be a tad bit distracting. Well, I want it anyway!

SanDisk Announces 200GB Micro SD Card

200gb micro sd
SanDisk has just announced that they will soon be releasing a micro SD card with 200Gb of storage space. Can you remember when these things could only fit up to 125mb?

The 200Gb micro SD will go for $400 and support transfer speed of up to 90MB/sec. Quite nice, although I hardly see how that price tag is justified when most phones nowadays have built in storage only.


scifi world

SciFi world is a somewhat smaller science fiction convention that takes places in Sweden. It takes place every year in Malmö, Gothenburg and Stockholm. This time Gadgetzz attended the event in Malmö.

It was actually beyond expectation, while not as big as Destination Star Trek which we have previously covered, it was pretty exciting. There were a lot of interesting exhibits and interesting items for sale. Also the guests at the convention were rather exciting.

For example Ray Park was there, the actor who played Darth Maul in Star Wars.

Here you can see the photos we took at the event:

Ray Park, AKA Darth Maul At SciFi World

ray park scifiworld darth maul actor

Ray Park is the actor who played Darth Maul in Star Wars, Snake Eyes in G.I Joe, and Toad in X-Men. He was at the Science fiction event SciFiWorld today doing a Q&A. Here are some highlights from the session.


Leonard Nimoy Has Passed Away

Spock is dead, and this time he won’t return in the next movie.


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