How To Make a Glowing Table

desktop-1421164631 (1)
This glowing table is absolutely fantastic. It looks like infused opals, but it is infact just fluorescent powder mixed with glue and poured into the cracks. Simple, yet astonishing.


Watch A Skyscraper Get Built In Only 19 Days

This 57 story skyscraper in China was built in the record breaking short time of only 19 days. The video is called “3 stories in one day, Chinas new normal”. And the building is quite remarkable despite being built so fast. For one the air inside the building is cleaner than outside due to the tight construction and built-in air conditioning system. The company also claims that the building is very environmetally friendly, due to the use of Lego-like prefabricated blocks which reduced the use of concrete by 15,000 truckloads, and almost no dust was released.

Check out the timelapse below

You Can Play Pac-man For Charity In Sweden

pacman for charity red cross
What a clever idea! These Pacman arcade machines located at Stockholm Arlanda Airport and Göteborg Landvetter Airport allow you to play a game using any left over foreign currency coins from your trip. A brilliant way to get people to donate to charity, and a brilliant way to get rid of all of those foreign coins. Behind the project is Swedavia Swedish Airports and the Swedish Red Cross. (more…)

Spotify Screwed Up Their Latest Client, Here’s How To Fix It

Many people are fed up about the new Spotify client, and for good reason. They have disabled ctrl+F searching within playlists, and this after promising to bring it back to artist pages. Instead of fixing that they just made it worse.

Then there’s the new completely illogical top bar design.


spotify derp
Spotify apps are a thing of the past with this update, while most of them where quite useless I often enjoyed the app which showed the lyrics to the song I was listening to. (Note there is a similar lyrics function by the shuffle button in the new version. Although it doesn’t seem to be showing up for everyone)
Also you can no longer resize the social bar on the right side.
And as if that wasn’t enough there’s a bug that makes it impossible to start playing a new song by just clicking on the title. Forcing you to restart spotify.

There is actually a whole lot more to add to the list of problems after reading around on the internet.

Imation LINK Power Drive 16GB Review

imation power drive LINK
The LINK Power Drive is both external storage and an external battery for your idevice. A very natural combo if you think about it. But how well does it actually work?


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