Interactive LED Beer Pong Table

beer pong table led
If you like beer pong this interactive beer pong table is almost a must have. To be honest, even if you don’t like beer pong you might want one after watching the video. It’s truly awesome

An idea that sounds absolutely amazing. This camera uses the same light that hits it’s sensor to both take a picture and power itself.

The concept developed at Columbia University combines a camera image sensor’s ability to collect and measure light with a photovoltaic cell’s capacity to convert some of that light into energy.  During each image capture cycle the pixels in the sensor first record and produce an image then harvest energy and charge the sensor’s power supply. While at this stage it isn’t capable of all that much, its still amazing that it even works.

antec p70 vsp-5000
Antec recently released the VSP-5000, or as it’s called in the US P70 chassis, at first glance a pretty discrete, sleek looking case. But it also has a few pretty cool features, with focus on silent operation. Read about my experience with it:

The Lunar Rover Named After Carl Sagan

carl sagan rover

This lunar rover is called ‘Sagan’, after the american astronomer Carl Sagan. It is part of Google’s X-Prize contest.


Like the title says, very satisfying, I could watch this forever.
Also now you know how they make the symbols transparent for backlit keyboards, if that wasn’t already obvious.

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