Post-it Notes iPhone Case

5 days ago / 0 comments

Well this is an unnecessary gadget.. It’s an iPhone case with post-it like notes on the back. So you can finally take notes on your phone, seeing as that was quite difficult before. (Not …

Chronos Turns Your Old Watch Into A Smartwatch

1 week ago / 0 comments

Now can convert your analog watch into a smartwatch, sort of. Just attach this tiny disc to the underside of your watch and voila. Now it can do notifications and activity tracking.

Huawei Figured Out How To Quick Charge Without Hurting Battery Lifespan

1 week ago / 0 comments

Quick charging is a great convenience, but I must say I was surprised when it became mainstream. The reason, quick charging hurts battery life. Often quite significantly, even though the technology has steadily improved. …

SprayPrinter: Spray Paint Any Image You Choose

1 week ago / 0 comments

This a pretty awesome gadget, it’s called the SprayPrinter. You select an image through your smartphone, then attach it to a spraycan. Then just drag it along the wall, as it paints your picture …

This Is How Driverless Cars See The World

2 weeks ago / 1 comments

Ever wonder how driverless cars see the world around them? Self driving cars use a combination of cameras and LIDAR (Radar using light) to 3D scan their environment in real time. Seeing how the …

Disney Has Created The Coolest Smartwatch Technology

2 weeks ago / 1 comments

Yes.. Disney (together with Carnegie Mellon University).. But seriously, this is one of the coolest technologies I’ve ever seen. Disney’s smartwatch can know what you are holding in your hand, or what you are …