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Is it possible that there are spy drones the size of mosquitoes flying around?

9 years ago / 2 comments

Is this image fake or real? I dont know for sure but there are credible sources saying it is infact real. And its being used as we speak, for what purpose …

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Google's Augumented-Reality Glasses

9 years ago / 1 comments

Augumented reality glasses, read text messages, google things, watch the news. All without even lifting your hands. Sounds pretty sci fi to me, in other words awesome. But does google think …

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Human heart replaced by 10,000 RPM artificial pump with no pulse

10 years ago / 5 comments

In the future, no wait, right now (if you’re rich) heart problem is a thing of the past. If your heart is starting to act up you now replace it with …

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See through 3D computer!

10 years ago / 0 comments

Despite recent advances in 3D technology home computers still use a strict 2D UI, why is this? Probably because 3D hurts some peoples yes and there just isnt any reason for …

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The Robotic Musicians known as: Intel's Industrial Control in Concert

10 years ago / 1 comments

Remember this 3D ball hopping awesome music machine? Well intel made it come true! The first time i saw this contraption, i was wondering if anyone would be capable of building …

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Breath into your phone to monitor your health!

10 years ago / 2 comments

What if you could use your phone to test the air for toxins? What if you could monitor your health simply by blowing on it? Sounds amazing, right? Nanosensor technology developed …

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