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Working USB sticks in brick walls? Awesome!!!

9 years ago / 15 comments

Across New York, there are USB drives embedded in walls, buildings and curbs. The idea is to create an anonymous, offline file-sharing network in public space. The drives are completely public …

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Metal iphone 4 backside replacement

9 years ago / 1 comments

The iPhone 4’s glass backing is remarkably fragile—even moreso than the other iPhone models. If you’d like to keep it protected without making the phone bulky with a case, consider replacing …

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The new Ben Heck 360 slim laptop

9 years ago / 0 comments

This one is 1.5-inches thinner and an inch shorter. Despite that it now has an internal power supply and is even quieter than before. The system’s touch power and eject buttons …

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Iphone os 4.1 and ipad os 4.2 jailbroken

9 years ago / 0 comments

Geohot has released it’s long awaited 4.1 jailbreak. Its called limera1n, and i tested it this morning worked perfectly. Some people report that it removes 3g features from ipad 4.2 but …

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Old NES get's new life as DVD player

9 years ago / 7 comments

This clever hack turns a NES into a DVD player.