Nope, Internet Explorer still sucks

If you where exited that Microsoft enabled “do not track” for the new Internet Explorer, I’m sorry to dissapoint. The greedy bastards where quick to take that back when advertisers told them how they wouldn’t pay as much if they can’t violate your privacy by default. Is it to harsh saying this? Not at all, beacuse to be afirly honest, you should have the choice if a third party is going to see all you do on the internet or not.

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The Walking Dead Game Review

I was pretty surprised when i saw they released a “The walking dead” pc game, i first thought this can’t be a very good game. Perhaps a L4D ripoff. But i decided to try it anyway, and I’m glad i did because this is a great game! Its not an fps game its the kind of game where you get to make decisions and the story evolves based on those decisions. It’s almost like watching a movie, but you get to decide what happens. I’m giving it a 9/10.

Pros: Awesome game, lots of fun. Good story!

Cons: Not a very hard game and takes a lot of resources considering the kind of graphics.

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