Ninjapins rids you of annoying pin holes


As you know pins leave marks. Now this may not be a major world crisis, but it can be a pain for example if you are moving out of a dorm.

so.. it still isnt a world crisis, and the solution isnt overly complex. But it works, and osmetimes the simplest of gadgets are the best. WHat the Ninjapins do is remove that round spike and replcae it with a bent metal pin instead. To you it wont matter, it wont bend and it will be as easy as ever to stick in your wall, or ppinboard. Except it promises to leave virtually no mark behind after it’s removed. The con is:

1. you wont find it at staples very soon. It’s exclusive to japan for now.

2. a 5-piece set from Assist on goes for around $5 (400 yen)

In the us a 5 piece set of regular pins go for about 1$ , while in Europe the price difference may not be that great it still is noticeable. But there you have it, the solution to pin holes in walls!

[ Ninjapins ] VIA [ Matomeno ]

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