Hacking Siri The Automated Voice Command Service

If you tried Siri on an iphone 4s you probably wondered how long till this gets hacked. Maybe for use with iphone 4, ipod or even a standard PC. Well its on it’s way to happening. Applidium has made a certainly interesting post on its progress of hacking siri, but before you read it, it might be important for you to understand how siri works.

Basically the Siri app on your iphone 4s records a short audio recording, meanwhile its recording it it analyzes and checks for some regular expressions, eg “make a note”, “call”, “new message”. Just the short stuff then for the big things it sends out your recording to an automated system at Apple’s HQ for a full analyze. Below (in a way) i guess it’s been proven that the server to which you send your recording can analyze all parts of your recording in order to save some battery on your device.


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