Time Magazine votes Anonymous as most influential figure

The readers of Time Magazine have spoken. The hacktivist group received the most votes in a Time Magazine poll as the most influential figure among all platforms. The group which is nameless, faceless and leaderless has been causing mischief online all in the name of justice. Should we be surprised?

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Anonymous Calls Off Cartel Operation After Hostage Was Released

anonymous terorist hacktivist wallpaper small mexican drug cartel big operationA while ago the internet “terrorist” / hacktvist group Anonymous set out on a mission against the Mexican drug cartel. Quite a big operation seeing as both US DEA and Mexican government have been doing the same thing for many years with no success. Either way just about everyone cheered for and thought that anonymous could take the fight. Not enough to shut the cartel down, but maybe shut the cartel up. Anonymous had some information about the cartel that they didn’t want released but threatened to do so if their kidnapped member wasn’t released. Yesterday he was released, so congrats anonymous!

Read about the attack HERE


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