Nikon going to use carbon fiber on their new DSLR's?

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According to an aerospace materials engineer nikon will do their new lines of DSLR’s completely in carbon fiber. And i dont see why nobody thought of it before, its lightwieght, durable, dosent scratch easily …

Cool tech concepts

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Remember the Nokia Morph, there’s tons of these stuff. I collected the best of them, some will never happen. some already happened. Check it out, HERE!

Android notifications right on your Mac's desktop

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It only works for mac right now, buut the developers say that they are working on a windows version. Nothing has yet been said about Linux. But now that the idea has been lifted …

open source Egg-Bot saves your easter!

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Robots help us accomplish many complex tasks, from diffusing bombs to assembling automobiles. Now, with the open source Egg-Bot, we can add “drawing on spherical surfaces” to that list. Yes that IS a complex …

New ipod nano teardown!

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Exited to see whats inside this squared little ipod? Well here it is! The 6th-gen device weighs in at 67 percent of the volume of its precursor, with a slightly thicker body and that …

Console Storage Tower Eliminates Cable Clutter

7 years ago / 1 comments

If your game console accessories and games are creating piles of clutter in your room, then it might be time to grab something like the¬†Level Up storage towers. They look awesome and there’s one …