of i want to say, the government isnt RFID tagging everyone to keep track of people, that is a ridiculus claim. RFID chips cant hold very much data and need to be fairly close to be scanned. (However your phone is a better target for stuff like that…)

Anyway, there might be reasons to want to check if things are marked with an RFID tag. Maybe on clothes you bought that set of alarms in stores, or check if a buscard is broken.. Either way here is an open source RFID sniffer, to check if there are any RFID chips nearby! (more…)

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Piracy Went Down In France, So Did Movie & Music Revenues

France made waves in the P2P industry by implementing a controversial graduated response program in 2010 that was designed to reduce the amount of illegal downloads by establishing progressively-harsher penalties on file sharers. The results were strong, as shown in Hadopi’sreport, with file-sharing activities traffic slashed by two-thirds in 2011. However, the goal of increasing revenues in the French music and movie industries did not materialize and revenues fell in both industries.

The French music market fell 3.9% in 2011 while the video market fell 2.7%.

As Ernesto of TorrentFreak says, “If we follow the logic employed by the anti-piracy lobby during the past decade, this means that piracy is actually boosting sales.”


Yeah you heard right, piracy boosts your sales. Why? Its free advertising, not many people buy a movie after seeing an ad, but many people do infact buy a movie that they downloaded and liked!

Run a Windows installation via Dropbox new service called Worddesk lets you create a portable Windows installation that you can then save on just about any storage anywhere: USB stick, external hard drive, iPod, Blackberry, Android – yes, it is even possible to place Windows in the cloud via Dropbox. Which (if it works well) might give us something similar to Googles Chrome OS but with windows capabilities.

So far you can only run Windows setup from a computer running Windows XP or Windows 7.

The service is still in beta stage – but anyone who wants to test the service can do so via the manufacturer’s website.



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