Steampunk 16GB Waterproof USB Drive

Who doesn’t like steampunk, even a little? I mean it is cool. Somewhat of a fusion between modern-day technology and past steam engines. Oh well. Here we have another one of those awesome gadgets.It’s a 16gb USB flash drive which is 100% waterproof.
It’s handmade using a bunch of different materials, including brass, copper, glass, watch parts and a genuine quartz crystal. It not only looks great, is very durable, the creators also added an indicator LED which looks amazing through the little window. If you want one, the 16GB Waterproof Steampunk USB Drive is available for $205 from the Steam Workshop. I know it is very expensive, but hey, it’s handmade. And will probably last a lifetime.. (more…)

How to easily create a Linux Thumb drive

lilli usb live cd creator with many linux distros, gadgets, gadget news, gadgetzz, linux installThis tool called LiLi is one many Linux live usb boot creators out there. But according to Lifehacker it’s a very simple tool yet with tons of advanced features. You can choose virtually any distro you feel like and even instal programs, change files and save settings between boots. Something many USB or live cd’s cant do. There’s even a feature to hide all your files from unwanted visitors. Aka if someone gets hold of your flash drive, they wont get to your files.

Each version also comes with a free version of virtualbox so you can boot it directly from windows if that is more your style. With a one click .exe file that loads up your Linux distro right there within your windows session. Apparently you cant permanently save files from virtual box, it’s great to just grab a file you made within your mobile OS or something. And of-course it’s free, you can get it here. I’m gonna go try it now, bye!

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