When you think external hardrive you might not be thinking of a storage device capable of streaming media to and from mobile devices including idevices, andoid devices and blackberry’s. But seagate is planning to change that with this wifi enabled media streaming harddrive. It features wifi (obviously) a battery time of 25hours and up to 500gb of storage. Sounds good, and it will go for 200$ in the us.
There’s also a special GoFlex Media app for iOS devices (Android one coming soon,in the meantime, they can use the browser for access) which will let you control the transfer of your media between your phone/tablet and hard drive. (more…)

Take a look at this Lego projector

Lego projector

A guy called Friedman Wachsmuth has a hobby, it is building with lego. Kinda sad hobby, but atleast he made something cool, He came up with htis super-8 film projector made completely with lego. There is a video if you click on more.. (more…)

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