Part Two Of The Creepy Puzzle “11B 3 1369”

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PWW 11bx1371 2
My email and Twitter has been overflowing with people that want to let me know that a new video has been posted by PWW (Parker Warner Wright). Thanks to everyone who messaged me.

For those that might not know, this is the second part of the ‘creepy puzzle’ video known as 11B-X-1371, that was mailed to us earlier this year. PWW has said that this video will clear up any uncertainties surrounding the message in the first video.

It looks quite a lot like the first one, however what is going on in the video is entirely different. Have a look for yourself:

So it begins again..

It will be exciting to see what this video contains.

The people from the IRC chat are already working on solving it. One of the people working on it emailed me and let me know that they have already uncovered a few things, although there is a lot of work to do.

It is uncertain whether PWW sent the video to me this time, as I am currently in Hawaii for vacation. However I will be sure to let you know if anything odd has arrived in my mailbox as soon as I get home.

I will also do my best to try and keep you updated on the progress like I did last time.

So this is what we already know:

Earlier PWW posted pictures to Facebook containing coordinates, whihc turned out to be in Poland. People speculated these were locations where PWW had dropped the second part of the puzzle. However since he has now released the video online, it is possible that the coordinates mean something entirely else.

Possible there are some sort of cryptographic keys on the locations. But so far we don’t know.

He posted on Twitter and Fabeook a while before he released the video. Unfortunately I missed it. However some people are telling me that they think his recent posts on social media might be clues.
The post on Facebook says 1.45 metric hours.

These images have been uncovered from the audio using spectrographic software, just like in the last video. Thanks to Ibn Sina for sending these to me.

Previously he posted this on Facebook:

It’s a little strange being back where we met.

Posted by Parker Wright on Thursday, December 31, 2015

So apparently he has been back to Zofiówka. Seemingly for nostalgic reasons, but possibly he went there to hide clues.


Update 1:

Things are apparently moving very fast.

The spectrographic image of the cross has been identified as a painting called ‘Piss Christ’ by Serrano

The people on the IRC are working hard to solve more things., and are apparently well underway on some things. So keep checking in

Update 2:

Here is an album of screenshots containing a pigpen cipher. Thanks to Dtty from the IRC

Also when combining some of the text in the video the phrase “I speak only for myself” was found, minus the ‘elf’.

I’ll let you know more about that as soon as I find out.

Update 3:

Seems like this is the result of the pigpen cipher, using the same key as in the last video.

perectim svdivm nvmqvam mlorivr

It hasn’t been confirmed yet though

Update 4:


A bit of a correction. The painting ‘Piss Christ’ is actually a photograph.  This is from the wikipedia page:

Piss Christ is a 1987 photograph by the American artist and photographer Andres Serrano. It depicts a small plastic crucifix submerged in a glass of the artist’s urine.

Hence the name..

Serrano has not ascribed overtly political content to Piss Christ and related artworks, on the contrary stressing their ambiguity. He has also said that while this work is not intended to denounce religion, it alludes to a perceived commercializing or cheapening of Christian icons in contemporary culture.


Also people are telling me that upon closer examination the pigpen is probably not accurate.

Other than that there are a few things that have only been partially solved. Like cut segments of text that need to be pieced together. One thing is sure, there are more methods of encryption in this one than the first version.

Update 5:

It would seem the pigpen was correct after all. It has now been translated from Latin.

the solution of the pigmen cipher is: RUTIROM MAUQMUN MUIDUTS MITCEFREP DA –> backwards: AD PERFECTIM STUDIUM NUMQUAM MORITUR –> translated: the perfect study never dies

Thanks Lukács!

Update 6:

These screenshots were sent to the Gadgetzz Facebook page.


The person who sent it to me believes this means that PWW did not make the first video, but is trying to take responsibility by making a second video. That however does simply not fit the evidence. It would be too much of a hassle just to play along for this long, and making up stories that fit so well. Let alone hack the original PWW youtube account and make another video. I have addressed most of this in the post I made a while back when PWW first came out. I believe it is very safe to say that PWW is indeed the creator.

What this does however tell us is that he made a new cloak, since he felt the first one was poorly made or rushed. Meaning he put more effort into the second video.


PWW has put up some interesting things on Facebook. The photos of his equipment are particularly interesting.

Some people are asking what kind of equipment I use. This is only a fraction of it.

Posted by Parker Wright on Saturday, January 2, 2016

He has also stated that he will not be on the IRC chat until most of the puzzle is solved.

With respect to the IRC: I have not been, and will not be there, until most of the puzzles are solved. Give no quarter to imposters.

Posted by Parker Wright on Saturday, January 2, 2016

PWW gave us these clues about the girls in the video. Doesn’t really say much, except that she seems to be a hired actor.

On a more personal note I would like to address something. I’m seeing quite a few comments about how this is not worth the effort since it was only interesting when there was a possibility that this was some sort of real threat. I have to say that strikes me as very stupid. While I did understand why people found it more interesting when the purpose of the video was unknown, I have to say: Someone sending me a cryptographic puzzle = awesome. Someone sending me a terror threat, not so awesome.

Update 7:

PWW has told us what we should look for at the coordinates he posted on Facebook before the video was released.
Thanks to Palesz for sending me the screenshot!

Update 8:

These Comments were made on this post. Possibly someone has identified American Sign Language

What is he doing at 0:13 to 0:19? Looks like he pantomimes driving a car?

It’s in ASL…he uses signs for RED GREEN BLUE…RGB color model…as for the pantomime “driving car” at beginning, this may be sign for “control” the female signs the word NAMED or NAME and also may sign a number. During morse code sequence, hand is in sign position for 8…he also signs word for “IN BLUE” maybe reference to RGB color model…look up RGB color model I think this is the key

Thanks to Randy!

But the biggest news is that people have started to find the USB drives that PWW had hidden around Warsaw!


Apparently the same guy got all of the drives and streamed on Twitch when he checked them out. You can see the stream here, but it is in Polish.

Update 9:

Parker Wright has been pretty active on Facebook.
He posted this selfie with him in the 11bx1371 outfit.

That was after he posted a picture of the mantle disassembled, asking if people would like him to put it back together.

He has also responded to questions whether he is or had anything to do with AETBX. According to PWW Aetbx found the video in the original 4chan thread and then uploaded it to youtube. As opposed to Aetbxs’s story of getting it from a girl who found it on a park bench. After it gained attention he more or less tried to claim responsibility for it. But he had nothing to do with PWW, and has seemingly been quiet since.

FAQ #3: Are you (who is) AETBX?I cast the seeds atop the soil, in hopes a garden would grow. A little bird found one of my seeds, took it in his mouth, and planted his own garden.

Posted by Parker Wright on Monday, January 4, 2016

The most exciting thing might be that he has revealed who the camera man is. It’s a guy called Brunon Rejewski, you can find his Facebook page here.
Apparently he also did the special effects.

It seems PWW Has since deleted the post.
Thanks to Dániel for letting me know!

Also another USB seems to have been found.

The people on the IRC have a Google drive where they collect things they find. Among other stuff you can find the files that were in the USB drives.

The morse code has at least been partially decrypted. The meaning remains unclear

11B31369 – morse code (sound):
– it was identified 2 kind of sounds that was used to define dots or dashes.

time: 0:21 – 0:31
code: .. ..- – ….. …. .. – …..
text: i u t 5 h i t 5

time: 0:31 – so on
code: ..- -.- – .- – . ….. . …. -.. …. . ….. … … …- …- …- …- … …- …- …- .. … . ….. .. …- …-
text: u y w e 5 e h d h e 5 s s v v v v s v v v i s e 5 i v v

Update 10:

Clearly PWW can be a pretty funny guy

FAQ #8: Are you Illuminati? Yes, but usually only within the first 10 minutes after an orgasm.

Posted by Parker Wright on Wednesday, January 6, 2016

However since he posts so much on Facebook I’m going to try and keep the updates relevant to the progress of solving the puzzle from now on.

On a last note he has stated that his religion is ‘Farism’. Googling this brings up very little, so some think it might be a clue. Although since PWW likes to make jokes it may just as well be a nod to Pastafarianism.

One more USB stick has been found.

Also I was right about there being clues at Zofiowka. It was one (or more) of the USB drives. However they have apparently been removed, without anyone reporting on it. This also means PWW was back there once more.

USB drives are no longer at the Zofiowka location. No one has come forward as having found them, so their fate is unknown.

Posted by Parker Wright on Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Most exciting for this update is that someone has found one of the places (possibly the place) where the video was recorded.
No word on it being a place with an as exciting history as Zofiowka. However the drawings on the wall look an awful lot like they were made using blood. Nothing confirmed though, might just as well be paint.

The text itself says:
“I speak only of myself since I do not wish to convince, I have no right to drag others into my river, I oblige no one to follow me and everybody practices his art in his own way.”

Update 11:

Quite a few things have been uncovered since the last update.

From the audio spectrogram these messages have been found. Some of these we have already seen in the first spectrogram images I posted in the first update.

“YOU DIE WHEN THERE IS NO ONE WATCHING”. This message relates to a lyric line from Marilyn Manson’s Lamb Of God


A spoken voice has also been identified in parts of the audio, it’s yet to be analyzed though.


Someone who visited the place where the video was recorded found that the “I speak only of myself” message was in fact longer than what can be seen in the video.


On another wall this message was found:


This has been identified as an extract from Tristan Tzara’s Dada Manifesto

The text actually reads: I speak only of myself since I do not wish to convince, I have no right to drag others into my river, I oblige no one to follow me and everybody practices his art in his own way, if be knows the joy that rises like arrows to the astral layers, or that other joy that goes down into the mines of corpse-flowers and fertile spasms.

One of the morse codes have also been solved:

“THE AIM OF MY LIFE IS TO OVERTHROW THE MONARCHY”. This quote seems attributed to Karl Liebknecht. Throughout this whole sequence we notice the character’s left hand looks like ASL sign for the number 8.

Update 12:

One of the spoken voices have been decoded. You can hear it here

Thanks to the efforts of PsychNerD [S.G.] from the IRC team, this sequence —which turns out to be a FM Modulated audio with a carrier frequency around 1870 Hz— was successfully isolated and filtered, to reveal the following poem:

I took her to the river
She lit the way with her torch
Her thorny crown
Cast a shadow on my face
I took her beneath the bridge
I took her
But she didn’t want it
She bled
I did it on broken glass
I never heard her cry
As into the river, she fell
Her body, a shell.

Update 13:

Check out this interview with Brunon Rejewski, PWW’s co-producer.

Update 14:

PWW has launched a website. As expected it is filled with hidden pages and codes. Some hidden pages have been uncovered, but PWW says on his Facebook profile that no one has come close to actually solving anything. But it is a pretty interesting website, which is more or less like a puzzle itself, so we’ll surely see some exciting things pop up soon.

Also worth noting is that the website cites a Parker Warner Wright Productions, LLC.

You can find the website here.

Check out our post about his website and the codes hidden within.


Update 15:

An autostereogram that says ‘Submit’ has been found. You can see the separated picture below, and the unsolved original here.




Strange knocks in the audio have been found to contain Tap Code with the text: “HERE OBEDIENT TO THEIR LAWS WE LIE”.  You can see the solution here.


Another line of text has been found in the spectrogram. “A new order is on the herizen. You must Fo11owOrFall”.

The enigmatic letters “e” used in place of “o”, and the number “1” instead of the letter “l” could be intentional or not. – Solved here by users dtty and Singularity from IRC team.

You can see the solution here.


Update 15:

The 11bx1371 wiki has a new url:


Update 16:

It’s been a while since the last update. Quite a few thing have happened since then:

Signal-50The 20 beeps that can be heard have been identified as ‘chirps’. Chirps are kind of like a QR code but using beeps instead. Decoding the beeps using the Chirp app lead to a password protected PDF file. the password has not yet been found.

Another cipher has been solved. This came from flashing images of what looks like torn pieces of paper.

There is no room left for the old empire.
Your fathers have fallen, their dreams thrice removed.
Taken down a path of ill repair, the family crumbles.
Screaming to the mountains, with voices unheard, death takes hold.
Your gods have failed you,
your nation has failed you,
your family failed you …
You will fail yourself.
You are already dead.
Your bed already made.

The xylophone like sounds has been identified as ternary code hidden in the channel one spectrogram. It spells out this message. The meaning is still unclear.


The tapping sound that can be heard has also been identified as ‘tap code’. It has been used as a way for prisoners to communicate between cells.

The message is as follows:

.. … . ….. …. .. . …..
2 3 1 5 4 2 1 5
… …. . .. . ….. . …. .. …. . ….. … … …. ….
3 4 1 2 1 5 1 4 2 4 1 5 3 3 4 4
…. …. … …. …. …. .. … . ….. .. …. …. ..
4 4 3 4 4 4 2 3 1 5 2 4 4 2
… . . . ….. .. …. … ….. .. . …..
3 1 1 1 5 2 4 3 5 2 1 5
… . .. …. . …..
3 1 2 4 1 5

For more details on how these things were solved, check the wiki.

Update 17 >/h4>
PWW has posted something very interesting on his website.

The hidden content of the image was quickly solved. It was a sthereogram, which revealed an URL. The URL doesn’t lead to PWW’s website however. It leads to the mysterious Heathen Group website. And what seems like another puzzle, or a complement to part two. It’s hard to say. But it’s interesting none the less, and it seems to be very hard to solve. So far I haven’t found anything on what the weird website actually holds.

There’s a hidden link right in sight on the landing page. But that rabbit hole seems to be very deep. As for the sound, there don’t seem to be any solutions yet.

More updates coming soon!


Johny (John-Erik) Krahbichler is the CEO and main author of Gadgetzz, since 2009. While Mr. Krahbichler's expertise is in consumer electronics, his true passion is science´, and educating the world about the universe we inhabit. Check out the non-profit Scientific Literacy Matters Currently Johny is using his experience from covering trade shows such as the CES, to work with trade show exhibition marketing.


  • Don17. Apr, 2017

    URL link : –> 404 –> public key: maybe for downloading are link connection “used a lot with Git” –> 3 textfields, 1 checkbox, 1 SUBMIT button … –> text with two words in italic – believe – know – –> Maybe triangle logo have something I can see word “That….” — > would you like to try? + background image
    two version one http + https

  • Don17. Apr, 2017

    URL link : –> 404 –> public key: maybe for downloading are link connection “used a lot with Git” –> 3 textfields, 1 checkbox, 1 SUBMIT button … –> text with two words in italic – believe – know – –> Maybe triangle logo have something I can see word “That….” — > would you like to try? + background image
    two version one http + https

  • Steve23. Feb, 2017

    Not sure if this is old news, but after stumbling accross this, decided to visit PWW’s webpage, I found the following messages in each page:

    Home Page:

    Do not even try

    Do not even try.



    This seems to be a dead link if you click the menu option, but if you enter it in the address bar, a weird symbol appears, and then outlines itself. clicking it however returns you to the main menu. maybe this will change soon?)

    Image 1:

    Image 2: (Same but outlined)

    Do not even try.

    Think about it.

    Terms of use / Privacy policy:
    How much
    time have you


    Hopefully somebody smarter than me can do something with this?

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  • Neil Christopher30. May, 2016

    Watching the video at nearly frame by frame it is easier to distinguish certain sounds beginning and evolving. At 37 seconds in, the first frame he is standing in profile by the wall, begins a series of chimes of different notes. The pattern seems inconsistent, as though it changes several times thoughout the time they can be heard, though it is tough for me to tell, mostly due to tone deffness. The point is, this suedo music can be heard until about half way though (the second of) 1:21, shortly after the image begins largely being distorted, but very shortly before the next cut (about a half second between). So basically these notes can be heard just before the flashing palm is seem, until just before it ends.
    I don’t personally have much of a mind for puzzles, but I hadn’t seen anything said about this yet, and thought it could be important to share what I had noticed.

  • Anonymouse19. May, 2016

    • Cold Fish19. May, 2016

      I wonder how frustrating that must be for him. Thousands of people claiming to love his work and clamouring for more, and yet he’s unable to raise more than a couple of hundred bucks to fund it.

      People must not be into snuff porn as much as he thinks they are. Not enough to pay for it, anyway.

  • DaughterOfTheKing66615. May, 2016

    … Okay then

  • Dr. Dan28. Apr, 2016

    There’s a pretty convincing seminar claiming PWW didn’t do 1371 and much rather is the work of what they call “The Underground Church Christian secret society” a terrorist organization is behind 1371 and PWW is possibly working with them as a disinformation agent. The video is related and located where “Danny” posted that link. If anyone can debunk it that’d be awesome: – What’s more is that they claim that 11BX-1643 is the sequel to 1371, also designed by the Underground Church Christian terrorist network. The information according to Cpt. Dan originated on a deep web information exchange board.

  • Danny25. Apr, 2016

    The guys at this blog have it all figured out:

    • Veto28. Apr, 2016

      There’s a pretty convincing seminar claiming PWW didn’t do 1371 and much rather is the work of what they call “The Underground Church Christian secret society” a terrorist organization is behind 1371 and PWW is possibly working with them as a disinformation agent. The video is related and located where “Danny” posted that link. If anyone can debunk it that’d be awesome:

  • Venlo10. Apr, 2016

    Letter of Parker Wright (from 08.04.2016):

    “Dear Friends,

    Parker here. As you are aware, I am a artist who has a lot to say. I do so in a unique way. And with a special method, to unleash it upon the word.
    Many of you have expressed a desire to help support my art, so I can continue to create freely. I have promised there will never be ads on my work, and I intend to keep that promise. However, with the rising production cost of my puzzles for instance, the move to film, as opposed to digital. The time it takes to make each film is increased. Beyond that, the costume and character design go far beyond monetary cost. Eight months had passed between “X-1371” and “3-1369” as I was writing to purchase the cameras , and adequate 4 processing chemicals. While it’s possible to reuse the equipment, the film and chemicals are a different kind of thing.

    See, I could writes codes and ciphers all day., or build spectral images, and indeed, I do, but without a dedicated income., it soon takes its toll. Truly, I spread them out.
    Both, as the person, and artist/(???) I must consider you, my fans, my supporters, want to see more of my art. After much consideration, I have decided to provide a way for you to help make that a reality. Now you have a chance to be a part of what makes my work possible. With careful thought, I have decided to turn to Patreon, to give anyone who wishes to support my effort, a chance to do just that.
    There will be exclusive, and one of a kind rewards for your contributions, as I know good and well, nothing is free.
    Thanks to all who support my work, my art. Whether by going to Patreon and becoming a Patron, solving my puzzles, or simply enjoying the visual aspects, you have made it worth everything I put onto it.

    Parker “

  • Isaac10. Apr, 2016
    it was uploaded on the aetbx channel

  • RYAN G BIRD07. Apr, 2016

    who dem/slew dem – capleton // farismlink

    they don’t knew what’s really behind things, going on @@ that time

  • Less30. Mar, 2016

    Would this guy be relevant to you at all if he DIDN’T actually make the first video?

    • Johny30. Mar, 2016

      That’s actually a very valid question.
      I’ve thought a lot about that. And honestly I think that what he does would excite me even more if he didn’t send me the first video and scare the shit out of me. I would follow it for sure, but would I write about it? Perhaps not tbh, at least not any frequent updates.

      However since he did send me the first video, and I was the one to report on the progress of solving it, people are looking to this site for information on it. And I just feel an obligation to give people the information they want.

      So yeah, It would still be very interesting, and I’d be following it. But my reporting on it is mostly for you guys.

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    • NOTU26. Mar, 2016

      “Expensive” is an invention of the monatery system which in itself has no value. What is the shape of the “ring” before it was forged? “Diamonds” are just a rock. According to the law of gravity, what goes up must come down, so “numbers” are not an issue, for every beginning there must be an end, and it all comes down to zero. It wasn’t about the relationship, it was about the puzzle, it was like the solver answering to the giver, and the solution was poison. No, I don’t kknow u.

    • Cold Fish14. Apr, 2016

      Really, it’s stuff like this that keeps me coming back here.

  • Casey Kiracofe23. Mar, 2016

    Can someone let me know what systems, software, websites etc. that you use to decode some of these? I have knowledge on the solved parts of the video, I just want to know what you use. Thanks

  • Casey Kiracofe23. Mar, 2016

    Has anyone seen AETBX’s new video he made about a day ago? its simply labelled “One” and the description says “2016, soon..”

    • cole24. Mar, 2016

      Well yeah, besides the green lines that form a “cell” doesn’t the blurry images in the video look like some pathogen in incubation?
      Btw, if anyone is looking for A Scary Movie (WATCH at OWN RISK!)

  • El Misterio del Macabro video 11B 3 1369 Parte 2 – Análisis – Puerto Rico Vlogs – PRvlogs.com22. Mar, 2016

  • The abomination of desolation07. Mar, 2016

    Beware. Parker Warner Wright (parker brother, warner brother, wright brother [each word 6 characters, 666]) is trying to perfect a lethal text (a nam shub) through video. His goal is to start WW3 (PWW is 3.14 world war). The videos he and “brunon” are producing are meant to drive people insane. They will make you all into a “james holmes”. In Facebook conversations he has said he is one of the beasts around the throne in Revelation, he has identified himself in Facebook conversations as the beast of the eagle.


    • strangler16. Mar, 2016

      IMPRESSIVE, IMPRESSIVE, I think you are on the right track. Before destruction first comes confusion.
      “The nam-shub of Enki, translated from Sumerian cuneiform. It is two things: it is a story of linguistic disintegration, and it is an incantation which supposedly causes linguistic disintegration.
      To hear the tale is to lose the power of understanding speech. It tells of Enki, who “changed the speech” of the population to “put contention into it.”
      This, of course, is similar in content to the Babel legend, where God disrupted the linguistic unity of the people in order to stop the Tower from being built.”

    • Casey Kiracofe21. Mar, 2016

      I find your comment interesting. Especially in the fact that aetbx made a new different type of video yesterday, and a comment mentioned this ww3 you say. If you can explain a little more that would be helpful. Thanks for the links

  • ZnaK07. Mar, 2016

  • Mister E. Nigma07. Mar, 2016

    I have a theory Parker Wright might be a Meatsleep drop out and he is independent from the group.

  • represum » Parker Wright – Internet will never be the same25. Feb, 2016

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  • Nicol09. Feb, 2016

    video 11B-X-1371
    0:03- …. …. …. …

    0:10 – 07-G
    0:11- 06-F
    0:15- r rr r
    0.17- S
    0:23- n
    0:26- u
    0:26-33 –
    1:43- t

  • John08. Feb, 2016

    Anyone figure out what the triangle thing was in the first video?

  • LaraVonTeese28. Jan, 2016

    About UPDATE 12: the poem

    Maybe he refers to Ophelia’s myth, from Macbeth? The words remind me this image, adapted to his own “world”: torch (from his gloves), thorny
    crown (Jesuschrist picture), “shadow on my face” (maybe his mask, or what else), …
    It’s a ironic adaptation of Ophelia’s myth, I supose, but I don’t understand the final aim.
    He’s a kind of super-learned-man, with a mix of different views about the Society.

    I hope I help us ;)

    • Otto17. Mar, 2016

      Well, since you mentioned Ophelia… this is also worth looking into, in a Japanese anime called
      Phi Brain: Puzzle of God, there is a group known as the Orpheus Order, which is dedicated to the usage of the Orpheus artifacts to unlock mankind’s hidden potential,
      which they believe was locked by Gods who were afraid of the humans’ intelligence. (That Orpheus artifact does resemble the bird mask)

  • dcc26. Jan, 2016

    Farism may mean Pharisee

    • Joaz07. Mar, 2016

      Farism believe it or not has strong ties to Freemasonry, Haile Selassie their so called Messiah and African Ruler used the triangle he depicts more than Merkal. Yes you can find Freemasonry everywhere because it is everywhere.

  • web page20. Jan, 2016

    Can you tell us more about this? I’d like to find out some additional information.

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  • El Misterio del Macabro video 11B 3 1369 Parte 2 – Análisis | PRvlogs14. Jan, 2016

    • xsKILLSx21. Jan, 2016

      Has anyone checked to see if the blinking lights on his hands are moors code

  • Can13. Jan, 2016

    He is obviously not the same guy with the previous video. This man is much taller than the other one(he was 130-140cm).

    • zxc14. Jan, 2016

      Check it one more time :) He wasn’t 130-140cm. There is space between bricks ~2cm.

  • Tommy13. Jan, 2016

    seu jzzm ghpm? xq pznjf gy qey havsyr. pznjfa’q xq? qey qeryy ehv azq ehwwyayf. seu sznjf x mazs qexv? fz x ehly vznrpyv? zaju whrmyr. seu exb? h whrmyr. ey shv azq qey zaju zay qey yaqxry qxby. xq xv ryvqrxpqyf zo by. seu sznjf ey bhmy rnjyv.

  • Tommy13. Jan, 2016

    qsb fmote bmo vrtkrjr lnbpsknu akhplwrh ldr aler lne psrb srtz. k wnmq. psr mte mnr qlh yohp zldp mi pqm.

    Why would it mean something?

  • Sosnoski13. Jan, 2016

    I asked Parker because the gloves were different, and that was the answer I got:
    Not even that different ; only on a different hand.

    • Cichy16. Jan, 2016

      Once again I feel he might actually be Polish or have some polish roots at least, as he keeps using sentence order typical in polish language (I’m polish then it’s simple for me to tell). Take a look at this reply you got… More typical English would be ‘just’ – ‘just a different hand’ or something like ‘On a different hand only’. And it’s not the first time he speak like that..

    • The abomination of desolation07. Mar, 2016

      He is a different person from the first video. Different people have different hands.

  • Acktucus12. Jan, 2016

    In both videos, a message was decided that said “in 2015 there will be 3.” It is 2016 now. Did the “3” happen,or is it just a hoax?

    • JNWLWK12. Jan, 2016

      Could mean anything: Three Stooges, Degrees, Amigos…maybe there will be three of these puzzles. To think I had chills run down my spine from this….which was exactly the intended effect. Creepy puzzled plague doctors were upon us….

    • tabuk24. Jan, 2016

      3rd of Friday 13th in 2015 were Paris Bataclan Massacre.
      Remember 3-1-2 code using hand signs on the beginning of the first video?
      In 2015 were three Fridays 13th, in 2016 is only one and in 2017 are two.

      Just an idea, don’t know if anybody thought about this

  • SilentHunter10. Jan, 2016

    i found something in the arduino code from the light in his hand
    It says “20j5 ther will be three

    • James13. Jan, 2016

      three what?

      • Green lion26. Jan, 2016


  • theunkown10. Jan, 2016

    Hello everyone.

    Has anyone else noticed that in the video: 11B-X-1371 everything seems to go backwards? I’ve watched the video frame by frame and there’s stuff that should be falling from the ceiling, but instead it just goes upwards.

    Has anyone tryed yet to re-analyze the video both in his video and audio but in reversed state?

  • Mark Gonz08. Jan, 2016

    I’ve just had an idea, if the title of the video itself its a license plate or some legal identification? Like an ID card or a Driver’s license or an Euro note Serial N. …

  • Andrew07. Jan, 2016

    I asked PWW if Tristan Tzara was important in anyway on Twitter. He said “Yes. He was a great artist… He had it all wrong.” Now I would send the screenshot but Idk how to put it on this website. And I don’t know Johnny’s email

  • Andrew07. Jan, 2016

    Tristan Tzara was a journalist in his younger years and was part of a symbolism movement. Maybe that has somethings to do with things?

  • Andrew07. Jan, 2016

    The “I speak only of myself” is actually a reference to the Tristan Tzara quote that says “I speak only of myself since I do not wish to convince, I have no right to drag others into my river, I oblige no one to follow me and everybody practices his art in his own way.”

    • jakethefate13. Jan, 2016

      if you go to the building that he was in it actually says that you can see them but theyre faded

  • Joey bel06. Jan, 2016

    For example when his hand shows 1 you can see 07-G in the window

  • Joey bel06. Jan, 2016

    Everytime he phrased a number with his hand a few numbers and a letter would pop up. I seen this and nobody says anything about it. If you do a frame by frame you can see it

  • Jlogan06. Jan, 2016

    Has anyone tried to isolate the words in the background? It’s obviously someone talking not just static but I don’t have the software to isolate the words

    • Andrew07. Jan, 2016

      I literally thought the same thing

  • Karellen04. Jan, 2016

    A clue?

  • No1neWhere04. Jan, 2016

    How about, everyone just completely ignores and forgets about this.

    It’ll prompt 1 of 2 actions:
    1. Everything to be revealed.
    2. It to fade into obscurity.

    If it was anything of concern, police / FBI / etc would be investigating it.

    If that was the case, anywhere it was uploaded would be probed for relevant IP info and the like, and those Twitter/Facebook pages related to it would be taken down.

    • Some Guy21. Jan, 2016

      @No1neWhere: Well, DUH it’s not a threat to anyone! It wasn’t meant to be perceived as a threat. People are interested in it because it’s a puzzle video by a mostly-unknown guy. And people want to solve it. Does it have to be a warning of bio-terrorism or ISIS to be considered interesting? ?

  • Justin Swanhart03. Jan, 2016

  • Randy02. Jan, 2016

    If he’s using a visual binary type sequence this may turn out to be the values for RGB

  • Randy02. Jan, 2016

    It’s in ASL…he uses signs for RED GREEN BLUE…RGB color model…as for the pantomime “driving car” at beginning, this may be sign for “control” the female signs the word NAMED or NAME and also may sign a number. During morse code sequence, hand is in sign position for 8…he also signs word for “IN BLUE” maybe reference to RGB color model…look up RGB color model I think this is the key

  • Lasciera01. Jan, 2016

    What is he doing at 0:13 to 0:19? Looks like he pantomimes driving a car?

  • GermanHerman01. Jan, 2016

    Google for the “Merkel Raute”.

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