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Back to mac event might bring new macbook air, new osx and multitouch to mac

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The surprise could be a revamped MacBook Air. At least, that’s what Daring Fireball thinks:

A “sneak preview of the next major version of Mac OS X”, and, I’m just guessing here, the brand-new way-cooler MacBook Air.

The other update that is long overdue is iLife. However, it seems unlikely that they will introduce a new Mac OS X (which will take at least one hour to present), a new “way-cooler” computer, and iLife. We’ll find out a week from today.

Now for the more intresting part

Steve Jobs enters. “We’ve had tremendous, unbelievable success with multitouch. And that’s why starting next year, we’re bringing it to the Mac.”

There’s a lot to think about this, but instead of writing 6 pages about it illl end it with: Steve Jobs like’s touchscreens!!!!

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