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There are the dreamers. There are the ambitious. Then there are those who choose to ignore the word as impossible¬Ě all together. With billions upon billions of web pages on the internet in language upon language, it would seem that the initial goal of a more connected world perhaps is not as much of a reality as we would all like it to be. The very idea that the Internet in general would be able to be understood by every individual who has access to it is a little far-fetched…at most.

That’s why an internet startup company named Duolingo, which is based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is attempting, you guessed it, to translate the entire Internet. But they won’t be doing it on their own. In fact, you could be part of the process.


tech execs on online privacyThis is most interesting. Nobody really seems to care about your privacy.. And seriously we all have the right to remain anonymous!

What will be the next must have technology of 2011?

What do people think will be the most wanted tech stuff in 2011? Here’s a poll made by CEA:

Many also thought 4g would be a huge jump, but considering many carriers all over the world are using HSDPA+ and calling it 4g i am sceptical if it will actually change things like 3G did.

  • What will be the must-have CE technology in 2011?

    Tablet 46.42%
    Streaming-content box 19.89%
    Mobile phone 10.88%
    That is up to the individual consumer 10.08%
    3DTV 9.02%
    E-reader 3.71%

Cool tech concepts

Nokia morphRemember the Nokia Morph, there’s tons of these stuff. I collected the best of them, some will never happen. some already happened. Check it out, HERE!

iwatch conceptTwirl, movement charging battery

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