Mother of God.. I must say i was sceptic to this app as there are many that fail at doing just what this app does. Which is letting you read scans of the physical newspaper, and in some cases even before the stores get it. Sounds good huh? Did i say it has over 2100 newspapers from all over the world.
But what is so great is how good this app does it. Awesome quality, responsive, easy user interface. There was some slight lag though, but nothing too bad. For this awesome ios app you pay:
• Casual readers: Pay only $.99 per download with our pay-as-you-go plan.

• Newspaper lovers: Enjoy reading all your favorite publications whenever or wherever you want, all for just $29.95/month.

Corporate and professional plans are also available.

I am happily surprised with this ios app / service and i would definitely recommend it (9.5/10)! More info here.

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Pay 25 cents for each time you push “snooze”

Everyone i know has trouble getting up from bed in the morning, maybe the snooze button is to easy to push. Maybe its just too cheap to push it? Atleast thats what the “snooze” app thinks, for everytime you push the snooze button you have to pay 25 cents, a small value, but it builds up over time. but dont think the developers take your small change, at the end of the month, the app tells you how much you’ve pledged and makes it easy to donate the pledge to your selected charity. (more…)

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