Nvidia Grid, your tablet now runs crysis

NVIDIA-GridA news from Nvidia press conference was their new Grid server that is filled with graphics processors, and is meant to be used for, among other games in the cloud.

The platform, now known as the Nvidia Grid, is a server capable of supporting up to 24 racks, with 20 grid servers per rack. The Grid contains 240 Nvidia GPUs for a total of 200 teraflops—the equivalent of 700 Microsoft Xbox 360 game consoles, Nvidia chief executive officer Jen-Hsun Huang said during a Jan. 6 press conference.


What was interesting from an Android owner’s point of view was the demo they showed us.


Nvidia GTX680 Kepler Revealed

Nvidia’s marketing manager Ujesh Desai is the man who holds up a steaming fresh Geforce GTX 680 in this video from Youtube.

According to Nvidia Geforce GTX 680 will be addressed as the world’s fastest graphics card with a single GPU. The new model is not only fast but also low power, partly thanks to GPU Boost function, which can overclock the GPU as needed.

Another first is the anti-aliasing feature TXA, which is said to produce image quality on par with heavy MSAA to only a fraction of the performance hit. Nvidia also adds “dynamic fracture,” and fur effects in the physics system PhysX, connections for up to four displays, and support for 3D Vision Surround with a single graphics card.
The new graphics processor line is called Kepler and unlike the 5xx series , which were based on a refined version of the Fermi architecture Nvidia debuted back in 2010, Kepler uses a new GK104 GPU

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Apple said the other day that the graphics chip in the third generation iPad has four times better performance than the GPU in Nvidia’s Tegra 3-chip. Apple’s latest Tablet has a quad-core GPU compared to the twelvecore graphics portion of the Tegra 3.

Any benchmark information was not supplied by Apple nor Nvidia, which happen to be known for graphics cards, have announced their intention to investigate the matter themselves by buying the new edition of the iPad as soon as they release it.

Its hard to think the A5x can beat Nvidia’s Tegra 3 with 4.8 GFLOPS at 200MHz and 7.2 GFLOPS at 300MHz. The same figures for the PowerVR SGX 543MP2 is 12.8 and 19.2 GFLOPS. In the latest version of the iPad 3 apple says that it is a quad-core variant of SGX 543 with the designation MP4-that is the same GPU as the PlayStation Vita. It can thus be proved SGX 543MP4 – at least on paper – is about four times faster than Tegra 3 in terms of raw computing power.

What do you think? Does the ipad 3 really have a four times faster graphics chip than the one in the Tegra 3 or does Apple exaggerate? The latest iPad goes on sale March 16 in the U.S. and we’ll surely get to hear more from Nvidia on this.

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