Mother of God.. I must say i was sceptic to this app as there are many that fail at doing just what this app does. Which is letting you read scans of the physical newspaper, and in some cases even before the stores get it. Sounds good huh? Did i say it has over 2100 newspapers from all over the world.
But what is so great is how good this app does it. Awesome quality, responsive, easy user interface. There was some slight lag though, but nothing too bad. For this awesome ios app you pay:
• Casual readers: Pay only $.99 per download with our pay-as-you-go plan.

• Newspaper lovers: Enjoy reading all your favorite publications whenever or wherever you want, all for just $29.95/month.

Corporate and professional plans are also available.

I am happily surprised with this ios app / service and i would definitely recommend it (9.5/10)! More info here.

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Wifi2Hifi, stream your pc audio to your IOS device!

I’ve been sent this awesome app for ios devices that lets you stream audio from your computer to your IOS device. This is especially great since the headphone output on my laptop is broken, once again enabling me to use headphones. And i’ve got to say it works really well.

I did have one problem though, it needs for the microsoft wasabi plugin to be at 41khz 16bit to be a ble to stream, and since my computer couldnt use this option (most likely due to a bug) i couldnt use it at once. But once i fixed that problem it worked very easily.

Sound quality is surprisingly good and there is little to none lag at all. Some bandwidth heavy things do ocasionally lag and if your wifi router isnt good i suppose that might be a problem. However if you are in need for streaming your computers sound to your ios device (maybe for a home cinema system) this is without doubt the best and simplest choice! (more…)

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Apple IOS proves to be faster at handling HTML5 than Android

A new study from Spaceport says Apple’s iPhones and iPads do a far better job of handling HTML5 in the browser than competing Android-based devices.Spaceport reports on the handling of HTML5 in Android and iOS.

It dosent really come as a surprise, but IOS handles HTML5 objects a lot better than Android OS. Why is that, probably beacuse ANdroid is a very cluttered OS which slows it down.

In order to arrive at those figures, Spaceport examined the maximum number of images that could be smoothly pushed through HTML5 in mobile browsers. The best Android tablet, which Spaceport did not reveal, was able to smoothly translate less than 100 images at 30 frames per second. Apple’s iPad 2, on the other hand, smoothly translated more than 300 images at 30 frames per second.

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The new Apple Tv might get jailbroken to run apps!

There where some funny codes in the new ios 4.2 beta for ipad. Before everyone thought it was for a CDMA iphone or ipad, but now it seems more likely its the new Apple tv’s ios. Either way this might mean it’s possible to jailbreak it to run apps for iphone and ipad, and maybe even for people to write their own apps specificaly for the Apple Tv!

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