Nobody actually likes Internet Explorer, it’s simply convinient to use as it come pre installed with windows. And usually there is a good reason, buggy slow browser with low compability, but now Microsoft seems to have done one good thing. Internet Explorer 10 will be the first browser to have Do Not Track as default, quite different from Google’s Chrome that send information to google without your consent. So this might be a small step towards anonymity being a right on the internet.

And once again…

Facebook is going desperate, is facebook dying?

Facebook is dying? Some would say thats just whats happening. Facebook can’t seem to go anywhere past its IPO’s original worth, infact facebook is loosing alot of money. A recent study shows less than 50% of facebooks users ever click an ad, and thats ofcourse where they make virtually all of their money.  And most recently Mark Zuckerberg, founder of facebook drops off the top billionaires list.

And then i see this today, and i can only think facebook is going desperate, very much so. They want page users to pay for views of their posts..


Tagged with: that all new Intel Ultrabooks will be equipped with a software called Devicescape that lets you connect to over 8 million wifi hotspots over the world. While this technology isn’t new (boingo, skype wifi etc), this variant will work even while in standby. For example if your laptop is in sleep mode in your backpack while you walk by an open hotspot, it is able to do some quick updates and things like that.  That way you’d be online and up to date (think stock quotes, Twitter, email, etc.) as soon as you actually turn the machine on. There’s no word of course on whether this will affect the price of the machines, or even if it’ll affect battery life. Windows 8 does have Connected Standby, so if that works correctly when the time comes, this whole setup might happen at a minimal impact on battery.


Devicescape refers to itself as a “curated virtual network” (CVN) — out of the approximately 100 million open Wi-FI connections in the world, about eight million are part of the Devicescape network. The company measures all potential candidates by quality, availability, speed, and reliability, and only adds fewer ten percent of the networks it measures into its CVN.

The Wooden Lightbulb!

This is pretty neat, a lightbulb actually made of wood. Its basically a regular lightbulb except for glass you have a thin layer of wood. And it looks really cool when lit! Firehazzard? Maybe so.. But if you are the kind of person in need of wooden lightbulbs maybe you can take that risk. They are not available for purchase yet though. (more…)

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So did Intel just win the CPU speed wars against AMD? to AMD’s CEO the company will no longer strive to built the fastest processing units.. Why? Who knows, they will probably focus on ARM and low cost units now.

“That era is done,” Rory Read said in an interview and added, “There’s enough processing power on every laptop on the planet today.” Uh oh. Those quotes leave room for speculation that is significant enough to upset an entire loyal customer base of enthusiast users and may not have been the smartest choice of words.

“I think we come in and steal the bacon around the whole thin-and-light movement and capture a significant portion of the opportunity there,” Read said.

“It can be a very different AMD going forward, but we have a long way to go,” he said. “There’s been a passion for innovation but there needs to be a passion for delivery and a passion for the customers.”

Ofcourse this dosen’t mean AMD processors suddenly suck, just that future generations will not be as fast as Intel processors. And considering AMDS rather recent aquisition of ATI they might put more energy on making a faster GPU than NVIDIA.


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