Apple will stop shipping USB Drive with their OS on it“It was an interesting test, but it turns out the App Store was just fine for getting the new OS.” – Apple

So there you have it, apple will stop shipping their OS on a usb drive with their mac books. Not a huge loss to some but still its sad to see it go. I guess it just cost to much for them to ship a usb drive with every unit..

And if you dont have internet to download the os from.. face it its time you got some internet.

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Dropbox automator!

There are plenty of tools and apps out there that automate the essential computing tasks that face us every day. Some are time consuming others are simply boring but they must be done. DropboxAutomator combines time saving task mastery with perhaps our favorite cloud storage solution. The service watches a designated folder for uploads, when a new file is added an action is triggered,everything from converting documents, to resizing an image or tweeting a link. And that’s just scratching the surface. There are already plenty of automation scripts in the fledgling service’s repertoire and devs can add there own by creating a SOAP webservice.

[FUNNY] One Very Major Flaw in Face Recognition

A major flaw in face recognition on digital cameras is a aparently that it hates aians? What makes it even more funny is they where built by asians!

No offense against Asians but this is quite humorous.

Anonymous Calls Off Cartel Operation After Hostage Was Released

anonymous terorist hacktivist wallpaper small mexican drug cartel big operationA while ago the internet “terrorist” / hacktvist group Anonymous set out on a mission against the Mexican drug cartel. Quite a big operation seeing as both US DEA and Mexican government have been doing the same thing for many years with no success. Either way just about everyone cheered for and thought that anonymous could take the fight. Not enough to shut the cartel down, but maybe shut the cartel up. Anonymous had some information about the cartel that they didn’t want released but threatened to do so if their kidnapped member wasn’t released. Yesterday he was released, so congrats anonymous!

Read about the attack HERE


The new ipod’s

These are the new ipods, ill begin with the ipod touch. Its the same old design just now it has a weak version of the A4 and a camera. basically not that much new, the face time camera is the same as on the iphone 4.
Now over to the ipod nano, Its a touch screen cube…
It’s actually kinda cool, you go home with a swiping motion or by holding the center of the screen. Theres obviously no a4 here, but its still quite responsive. It has a watch app wich makes sense as it is the perfect size for straping on your wrists. there is no alarm function though because theres no speaker in it. However i am predicting that somewhere in the near future there will be a function that lets you answer calls and use the iphone 4 as base for stuff like alarm via bluetooth.
Then its the shuffle, nothing new, just a new “cuby” design. Im gonna be honest, i liked the old one better.
oh and the classic is the same old thing.
Also take alook at the new itunes logo…

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