Thanks to a new partnership, the Windows 8 PCs and tablets that use AMD’s processors will be able to run Android Apps.
Microsoft’s app store, the Windows Store, in the current situation only has about 2,000 apps for the new interface in Windows 8, previously known as Metro UI. This figure is low compared to the range of devices such Apple’s App store with 700,000 apps for iOS and Google Play with 675,000 apps for Android. (more…)

Apple products may be the BMW of gadgets but even that cannot escape common bugs and issues. A MacBook is one of the most favored computing devices in the world. The product, no doubt, has luxury and exuberance written all over it. It is one of those major players that have contributed to Apple’s dream business reign. (more…)

MIT Constructs Kinect-Based Live Mapping Device

Perhaps the main intention of Microsoft’s Kinect system was just for Xbox 360 and PC users for people to passively enjoy a massive amount of video games. There have been plenty of third-party efforts to utilize Kinect in the past, but the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) may have beaten everyone to the bunch.

Best Financial Applications for Android Phones

In today’s generation there has been a boom in the variety of handsets available and people tend to opt for the latest smart phones with the smartest applications.
The Android phones are the main gadgets on the market; they occupy a huge segment of the market and take in maximum profit. The Operating System is handled by various handset producers but are unique and the relevant across the board.


duo lingo logo

There are the dreamers. There are the ambitious. Then there are those who choose to ignore the word as impossible all together. With billions upon billions of web pages on the internet in language upon language, it would seem that the initial goal of a more connected world perhaps is not as much of a reality as we would all like it to be. The very idea that the Internet in general would be able to be understood by every individual who has access to it is a little far-fetched…at most.

That’s why an internet startup company named Duolingo, which is based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is attempting, you guessed it, to translate the entire Internet. But they won’t be doing it on their own. In fact, you could be part of the process.


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