Dreamride, A Zip-line across Dreamhack!

Curious of how it feels to fly across the colorfully lit LAN hall?

Here’s a look from above when Philip Harbreckt took the ride with a GoPro camera strapped to a helmet on his head.

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Dreamhack Summer 2012!

Dreamhack invigning 2012Dreamhack Summer 2012 just got started, the worlds largest LAN-party!

Send us pictures, or just say hi! Dreamhack@gadgetzz.com (more…)

A Message to Nintendo

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Bill Gates Mugshot found in Microsoft Outlok 2010

A funny thing in Microsoft Office 2010, Bill Gates mugshot is used as the contact placeholder.


The new MacBook Pro was Benchmarked with Starcraft II

scII in macbook pro apple fine print

Click to enlarge

This was found in the macbook pro page fine print, meaning someone has the job to try his or hers favourite games in retina resolution. I want that job!


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