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The Best Of IoT Gadgets From CES 2017

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This years CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Vegas was as usual a pretty wild ride. We got to see some really awesome new technologies and amazing products. Two Razer prototypes were even stolen. Certainly …

You Can Expect CES 2017 To Be Full Of Surprises

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Around this time of year every major tech news outlet will start making predictions for what to expect at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Vegas.  Usually there’s a major technology that will …

Ultrahaptics: Ultrasound Forcefield Lets You Feel Without Touching

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Ultrahaptics is definitely one of the coolest things we saw at the CES this year. Basically it uses an array of ultrasound speakers to stimulate the surface of your skin, creating the illusion of …

CES 2015: The Biggest (Best) CES Ever

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This years CES featured over 170,000 attendees, and more than a few surprises.

CES 2015: Day 4 In Pictures

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CES 2015 is now over, unfortunately. But we’ll be back in 2016! Have a look at these photos we took during the last day of the international CES.

CES 2015: Day 3 In Images

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Here are all our photos from day 3 of CES 2015: