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Watching an Engine Heat Up Through a Thermal Camera

11 months ago / 0 comments

Engineering Explained made this cool video showing a car engine heating up through a Flir One thermal camera. Not to many surprises as to how the heat spreads, but it’s pretty cool to see …

This Is How Driverless Cars See The World

2 years ago / 3 comments

Ever wonder how driverless cars see the world around them? Self driving cars use a combination of cameras and LIDAR (Radar using light) to 3D scan their environment in real time. Seeing how the …

Aerial Video Of Tesla Gigafactory In 4k

3 years ago / 2 comments

After watching this drone video filmed at a Tesla factory, you’ll know why they call it a ‘Gigafactory’.

Coolest Cars At CES 2015

3 years ago / 0 comments

Here is a collection of the coolest cars we saw at this years CES. For an electronics convention there sure were a lot of awesome cars there!

Google wants you to be the next Streetview car, with its 360 camera backpack

6 years ago / 1 comments

Google, you never cease to amaze, first self driving street view cars, now you want to strap google streetview cameras to people? They work hooked up to an Android phone, and apparently Google want …

Ferrari to roll out a hybrid version of the ENZO

6 years ago / 1 comments

A hybrid Ferarri, sounds pretty cool right? Well it might soon happen accrding to Luca di Montezemolo CEO of Ferrari. Later this year they will reveal a limited edition hybrid Ferrari ENZO.