Jailbreak Iphone 4s and ipad 2, FINALLY!

YES! FINALLY! A jailbreak for the Iphone 4s and Ipad 2!!! Im jailbreaking my 4s as we speak, and so far so good. From greenp0isons website:

This release should come as no surprise to those of you who have been following pod2g’s iOS blog for the past few months. Earlier this week, you might have even wet your pants a little when you watched the video demonstration of today’s release (named Absinthe A5) and first witnessed our jailbreak working its magic to liberate both the iPhone 4SiPad 2.

What you may not fully realize yet is just how hard the exploits in this Apple A5 jailbreak are working behind the scenes – and, though I mentioned it last week on my Twitter – what a glorious hacker’s wet dream the Absinthe A5 toolkit has ultimately evolved into!


You can find download link both to mac and windows here.

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Microsoft (finaly) embraces Kinect hacks, readies PC hardware

Microsoft, which has gradually embraced hackers tinkering with its Kinect motion-sensing video game controller, is now working on a Kinect for PCs.

Ever since Kinect debuted last year, hackers have fiddled with the device to come up with scores of new uses for it, everything from using gestures to navigate a computer’s file system to providing visual sensors for robots.

But those hacks relied on a Kinect that is optimized to detect gamers standing several feet away. In a blog post, Craig Eisler, general manager of Kinect for Windows, said the company is shortening the USB cable and adding a dongle so that multiple devices can tap into the same USB port. Microsoft is also updating the firmware on the device to enable the depth camera on the Kinect to see objects as close as 50 centimeters away.

“‘Near Mode’ will enable a whole new class of ‘close up’ applications, beyond the living room scenarios for Kinect for Xbox 360,” Eisler wrote.

Kinect hackers seemed to catch Microsoft off-guard when they began experimenting with the device. But by April, Microsoft began reaching out to them, announcing plans at its MIX11 developers conference to create a software development kit for the device. The company underscored the effort at the show by rigging a lounge chair with wheels, wiring, and a Kinect, giving loungers the ability to “drive” the chair with hand gestures.

In June, Microsoft released a noncommercial version of the SDK. Last month, Microsoft announced plans to offer a commercial version of the SDK early next year. In his blog post, Eisler noted that those who opt for the commercial license will get “ongoing updates in both speech and human tracking” as well as “fully supported Kinect hardware for Windows.”

The software giant said the Kinect PC hardware will be available in early 2012 when the Kinect for Windows commercial program launches.

Keep in mind that microsoft is in support of Protect IP and SOPA acts..

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5 ways i relate to blogging

Lets get blogging..

Blogging is not only a hobby of mine, i guess you could call it a passion. Sure sometimes you get bored and just wanna quit, but the reward of knowing more than one thousand poeple everyday actually read my blog. That not counting the forum and social pages. It just feel good to know you have that kind of influence.


5 ways my everyday life is like keeping my blog.

1. I’ve always been interested in technolog thus this blog. And in school for example i go to a game development school, and i used to go to a more hardware related school. Either way i learn a lot everyday that helps me update my blog and keep my website. I learned a lot about web development, but mostly i learned about flash. And now i am learning about how to make games in Unity, i think without this i wouldnt be able to improve my blog as much as i have, and will. Im plannng for example to make an iphone app.

2. As i said i love technology, therefore i spend quite some time in electronics stores and on different tech conferences / events. Now, i just dont feel like these things would mean as much if i didnt have the option to go home and tell the world about it.

3. im not sure this fits but oh well. For the people that have facebook, you know how annoying people are that spam about what they eat, what they are wearing etc. And also you knwo how someone who makes an interesting quote gets SO many likes. Well i guess ive analyzed that pattern without thinking of it, and that has hepled improve quality of my posts. So when i post on facebook its somewhat like blogging, make it just long enough to be interesting.

4. Facebook trolling, not to brag but damn im good at it. All these 13 year old girls who think they know all about life, its simply fun to engage them in an inteligent matter and watch rage ensue. If they where in english id post them here, butt sorry. Not today. the way this is related to blogging is that so many people go to the internet to have an argument, some just come to skim through things. But i like to catch those who actually use their brains on the internet. That makes it so much more fun.

5. Wow the last one. I’m not sure what to write..   But i suppose everyday social inteaction skills is something you can never have enough of. Make the readers feel like you are talking to them personaly, but not too personaly. After time goes by you’ll learn the right level of this.

Hope you enjoyed reading my crappy post.

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