Comic Con Malmö 2015

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This weekend Gadgetzz attended Comic Con in Malmö, Sweden. While not one the biggest Comic Con’s it was a very fun event. Check out the awesome photos!

Satellite Maps Visualize The Worlds WiFi And 3G Signals

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These awesome maps attempt to show you what our extensive network of WiFi and cell phone signals would look like from space. Of course if you actually looked at the earth using radio light …

Huawei’s New Phone Can Weigh Objects Using Force Touch

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This is pretty fascinating. Huawei has announced a phone with force touch, that can utilize the technology to weigh things. It’s called the Huawei Mate S. Obviously this is an attempt to beat Apples new …

The Full View Of The New Horizons Pluto Fly-by

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In this video you get to see exactly what the New Horizons probe saw as it flew past Pluto, significantly sped up of course. The video is a collection of all the images the …

What Happens When A Fire Hydrant Blasts Water Into Electric Lines

3 years ago / 1 comments

That’s one heck of a short cirquit. ​A ruptured fire hydrant in Hollywood caused a big fireworks show when the water hit the electric lines. The incident started when a motorist lost control and …

Edward Snowden Gets A New Species Of Crayfish Named After Him

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Meet Cherax snowden the crayfish named after Edward Snowden.   Is it silly? A bit. Is it awesome? Quite so, yes.   NBC news put it like this: The crayfish, as far as scientists know, doesn’t have …