Six Famous Thought Experiments

This compilation of animations from the Open University explains six different thought experiments, or paradoxes. Certainly interesting, but don’t try to solve them, you might end up hurting your brain.

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Virtusphere – The Virtual Reality Sphere

What an amazing idea, a virtual reality sphere! Essentially you step into this thing, and you can move around like in a hamster ball, combined with a VR headset you can use this thing to walk around any environment you can imagine! The best thing is that this thing will work with already existing video games without extensive modifications. I want one!

CES 2015 Space Tiger Behind The Scenes

ces 2015 space tiger moon

If you love the CES like we do you’ve probably seen this picture many times before. Perhaps you thought it was purely the work of photoshop. As you can see in this behind the scenes photo, at least the tiger is real! Pretty cool..


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Brewie: home-brew for dummies – automated home brewery

Beer is one of the most popular beverages in the world, and hey, it gets you drunk too. It’s part of our culture. We drink it in our every day lives with friends to relax, to party, and for some, to black out. For most people, the only option of…



Tony Hawk Rides World’s First Real Hoverboard

Check out Tony Hawks ride an actual hoverboard. It looks really fun.
More info on how the hoverboard works below:

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