Google’s Augumented-Reality Glasses

Augumented reality glasses, read text messages, google things, watch the news. All without even lifting your hands. Sounds pretty sci fi to me, in other words awesome. But does google think we will all go around with google glasses in the future? Maybe maybe not, either way the idea is cool. (more…)

Tagged with: VideoLAN Association, which publishes the free media player world famous VLC, just send a referral for an opinion to Hadopi . Best known for its mission to fight against illegal downloading , the High Authority for the dissemination of works and rights protection on the Internet is also responsible for developing legal offers and interoperability is to say the possibility of readthe same file on different media.

However, the VLC developers come up against a problem: their software can not, in the state, read Blu-Ray, protected by an anti-copy technology developed by Sony , which has the effect to prevent playback of discs on a PC.

Sony refused to make public or disclose computer code of these safeguards, lest it be used to circumvent its copy protection, but French law, reminds VLC, provides an exception just for ensuring the interoperability.

“VLC media player can implement use restrictions requested by the MTP [ Media Transfer Protocol] – copy, forced reading, etc.. software so scrupulously respect the wishes of copyright holders, “said the association in its referral, the could see .

Aside from adding a useful feature in VLC, VideoLAN think it is a symbolic event, and wishes “to advance the right of a very complicated issue, ” explains its president at the Point .

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