Starwars Bluray Advertising, something epic

laser sabers on subwayThis is really cool, for the release of Starwars bluray saga Lucasarts is doing a really great campaing. This time turning the handles on the subways in tokyo into lightsabers! Click more to see a building turned into the worlds largest lightsaber!

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HTC Shift gets windows 8 treatment

If you are one of the lucky people with an HTC shift, or HTC Advantage, you might also know its more than outdated. Earlier someone got a very buggy version of Mac OSX on it, but thats barely worth mentionin. However as you know windows 8 (developer preview) is opting to be compatible with mobile devices, and thanks to some very unoficial porting you can now enjoy full W8 on your mobile pc. Guide below. (more…)

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Pay 25 cents for each time you push “snooze”

Everyone i know has trouble getting up from bed in the morning, maybe the snooze button is to easy to push. Maybe its just too cheap to push it? Atleast thats what the “snooze” app thinks, for everytime you push the snooze button you have to pay 25 cents, a small value, but it builds up over time. but dont think the developers take your small change, at the end of the month, the app tells you how much you’ve pledged and makes it easy to donate the pledge to your selected charity. (more…)

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Review, Hexbug Spider

The Hexbug gadgets, they are all over airports and gadget shops all over the world. Chances are you’ve seen one but never thought much of it. And there isnt much to think of them, they are fun toys.
Ive just received the new spider edition, and its fun. Great for a gift, it leaves you amazed a few minutes, while it still gives something to play with for hours when bored.



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Why piracy does pay over buying!

Right now the entertainment and software selling industry is a dying place, at-least for the good old guys. Piracy is bigger then ever, and it actually does pay to pirate a piece of software or a movie. With Spotify and Grooveshark the music industry has been blessed, but why isn’t the rest of the industry following?

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